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This section is devoted to the information that will be useful in the creation of a Kin's Domains.

1. Children's Upbringing and Education:

2. Meaning of Food in Our Lives

3. Health, Natural Methods of Health Improvement

4. Ecological Farming, Permaculture

5. Green Construction, Eco-friendly Technologies

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Solnechnoe Settlement in Smolensk Oblast

Hello dear friends and fellow dreamers!

We invite you to the settlement of Solnechnoe.

It is located in Demidov District, Smolensk Oblast, on the Dykhbovskaya Heights beside beautiful Lake Akatovskoe. The small, clean Divitsa River flows through the territory of the settlement. There are forests all around.

The settlement consists of several fields with a total surface area of 126 ha of land as shares and administrative lands.

In a neighboring village is a secondary school (with eleven grades), hospital, store, and post office. There are homes that have already been constructed.

Two families in the common house and one family in its own home on its own kin's domain live there on a permanent basis.

The common house is in the neighboring village, where one can stay, and a telephone and the Internet are available.

Contact by telephone:
Tatiana 8-903-783-61-81
Marina 8-916-913-33-03

We await new encounters with people who want to create their own space of love on their own land, and also create a settlement of like-minded persons in unity with everything living next to them!

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New Eco Settlement in Armenia

The land is located on the southern slope of a picturesque mountain. It is surrounded by forests, and there are springs. Below, a river flows into the Debet River.

It is 150 km from Yerevan, somewhere around 130 km from Tbilisi, and 50 km from Vanadzor, formerly Kirovakan. It is in the Lori District.

We will be happy to see any like-minded person with an attitude and regard for this Earth close to our own. We are starting without creating any action committees or spending years in the search for like-minded persons. We have found this land. And simply, without putting our lives on hold, we are beginning immediately.

For us, 150 km from Yerevan is not far at all, since we are not planning to live in our settlement as we would at a summer home, infrequently or seasonally.

We long sought a name for our settlement. But we decided on Tsiatsan, which means "rainbow." It is even more appropriate because, right on the land, we discovered abundantly growing wild irises, which also have a relation to the concept of a rainbow. All round are forests, oaks, lime-trees, wild pear-trees, hornbeams, and beeches.

Contact telephone numbers: 094598082 and 077771936

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Velikolesye Settlement

A picture of the settlement

You live in your own home, an estate with adjoining land. The settlement spreads out in an eco-friendly region -- far away from dusty and noisy roads, industries, and large cities.

The settlement is set up in such a way that both your estate and the settlement itself are in an oasis of harmony, peacefulness, and tranquility.

However, in spite of the seeming peacefulness, this is not the result of idleness, but only the result of the absence of unnecessary, superfluous hustle and bustle.

The life of the settlement bubbles over in all directions.

In addition to employment in the basic types of activity in the production of goods, you have unlimited possibilities for creative work and constructive activities.

While in the city the majority of jobs are reduced to carrying on business and management, here you are afforded the opportunity to create and build in practically all socially useful directions -- from carrying out agricultural activities to putting out high-tech products, from artistic work and folk arts to publishing illustrated editions, creating television programmes, and writing books.

In addition to the readily available delights of Nature (skiing, fishing, mushrooms, berries, swimming, sports, bicycling, golf, riding, soccer, archery...) and the opportunities provided by your own adjoining land, you have access to sports facilities and exercise rooms (tennis court, tatami mat, basketball court, table tennis, billiards...), creative arts centre with attached workshops and a health complex, tourist centre for ecological education and tourism.

You are no longer afraid of the pernicious influence of the street and school on your children, you do not have the problem of finding someone to leave them with while you are at work, someone to take them to their activities.... They are acquiring knowledge according to the principles of the school of the academician Shchetinin.

Here there are no traffic jams, exhaust fumes or emissions, unnecessary hustle and bustle or hassles, there is no housing problem or problems of sufficient supply, boredom, etc.

Here you have the opportunity to used all the so-called "blessings," the achievements of civilization: television, radio, wireless communications, Internet, telephone, electricity, water supply and sewers, cars.

You have access to the entire range of commodities of the modern technocratic civilization. And in addition to this, you are not stuck in traffic jams, you breathe fresh air and drink farm-fresh milk, eat properly, engage in your favourite work, have a lot of time and energy for your family and your favourite creative activity... In addition to all this you also have access to the range of commodities of an ecological civilization.

The high income generation and profitability, successful activities, and principles of an ecovillage make it possible to have the necessary level of material sufficiency with a simultaneous minimization of the expenses and efforts to obtain it. We are not pursuing distributed profit, a craving for gain, we are interested in sufficiency, creative work, spiritual development, and creation.

You are not isolated from the world, since the settlement is rather large -- approximately one hundred families -- located not far from other populated areas, and has connections with a well developed transportation network (you can easily visit people or, even better, welcome guests at your home); because of the well developed ecotourism and school based on the principles of the academician Shchetinin, the settlement is visited by many people from all corners of the country and the entire world. And what's more -- which is of no small importance -- these are people with very positive attitudes. There are various seminars and events. People are drawn here, as they are drawn to a centre of strength.

Here, the question of survival does not arise! Here, medicine is practically unnecessary, since the causes for diseases are absent. Here, there are none of the usual expenses and drawbacks, on the other hand there are unusual blessings and opportunities!

The system of currency circulation and running a household in the settlement are organized in such a way that the settlement is practically not subject to inflation and a constant inflow of funds into the settlement is guaranteed.

The choice is yours.

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A settlement in the making

Region: Dnepropetrovsk Oblast

A Kin's Settlement is being created in the village of Shirokoe, Verkhnedneprovsk District, Dnepropetrovsk Oblast. The areas are beautiful, the soil is black earth. Not far from the village is a forest, the village has a pond. It is about 25 km to Dneprodzerzhinsk, and about 100 km to Dneprotpetrovsk.

The proposed area is about 50 ha, 1.2 ha for each person. We are reserving the land for the organization, which will also be its owner. In accordance with the Statutes of the Organization, each of the landholders will take the land as a life estate, with the right to transfer as an inheritance.

With regard to receiving the land, there is a preliminary understanding with the authorities.

To discuss this in detail, please call Vladimir at 80684074072, Nikolay at 80978356790, or Natalia at 80637438947.

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Welcome to
SPACE of LOVE Magazine!

Fifth Issue is out!

Many of us agree that our planet and world are in profound transition - facing a turning point in human history. Some say that we as a people have had this same chance many times before in our near and far history. Each time, so history shows, humanity sank back once more, en mass, into the same spiritual sleep. But once more, we are also closer than ever to be able to turn this planet into the paradise it was meant to be.

At this time on Earth, more people than ever are committed to awaken and to stay awake even as a large percentage of the world's beautiful people are being hypnotized and mass-manipulated out of their divine powers by only a few dark minds. We seem to have forgotten our most inviolable power, to love each other and co-create this beautiful Earth as a Space of Love, the metaphorical and literal paradise-like garden it was meant to be.

We were inspired to create this magazine by the incredible wisdom and vision of a young, beautiful recluse living in the wild of the Siberian Taiga, Anastasia, and a courageous author, Vladimir Megre. He has recorded her amazing, encouraging story and wisdom for us in a series of ten books, and eleven million best-selling copies, translated into over twenty of the world's languages.

We create and write through this meeting place, this Space of Love, for those of us who are ready to help transform and see this planet as the luscious paradise it was meant to be. Anastasia envisions and holds for us a foreseeable future where every man, woman, child and animal can eat and live in peace and harmony.

Our mandate is to share writings and ideas which help us transfer this inspiring vision into joyful lives all over the world.

* * * * *

SOL magazine is published through the efforts of a few devoted people. As a publication unsupported by commercial interest, we will not offer advertising from corporate-controlled media. Therefore we hope and rely upon your help in promoting SOL Magazine. Word of mouth is our main means of promoting and our readers are our best advertisers. So if you find this Space of Love Magazine insightful, Informative and interesting, please tell a friend. Better still, purchase a copy and give it to a friend or loved one, who just may discover a completely new world - the world of consciously living in their own Space of Love.

Now Space of Love Magazine is available to purchase in USA, Canada, and Europe, in our store at! Good Source for promotion of the ideas of the Ringing Cedars Movement.

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Poetry, art, music, photography and anything else that flows from the heart.

Baby Eyes

Beloved daughter conceived under a bright night filled sky,
With hand in air I sweep the skies collecting every star,
Placing them on seed filled womb and we sigh, daughter and I,
For how happy He makes His creations, how dear to Him they are.
And I sing, I sing for the Baby Eyes I will soon see,
The birds chorus in on Love's inspired melody,
With every breath the fragrant flowers of my Space so free,
I breath and exhale Love as I dream of my daughter to be.
I feel her stir within me, how can this be?
For smaller than a wee seed is she.
Yet I feel her, a presence greater than Life,
O' Joy! Beloved creation knowing no strife.
Do you see your father there, deep in thought?
Tears streaming his cheeks for in Love's web he is caught.
He is Man and I his eternal beloved and in our Love you came to be,
And on this earthly plane so fair my love you too will see,
The Love of a True Man as it was always meant to be.
Listen to the rustle of the leaves dear one,
The winds that whistle the Father's tune,
It is all for you for He has made it so and I as His beloved creation,
Give it to you to enjoy in moment so soon.
O' look daughter dear! Just look at what He has given us!
Look with that heart so fine and rare,
Able to repair all in despair,
O' how you will grace these lands so fair!

Liubomila at


Please visit the forum at Source of Life Association and share your opinions on the books of Vladimir Megre. Discuss Anastasia's ideas about harmonic life, and how you use them for yourself. Share your impressions.

You can now discuss your ideas on the following topics:

Let's build a strong community together. Support each other with positive thoughts and create a real plan for making our dreams come true.

Visit the Forum.

Forum Talk

Posted by kelli-ali in a topic Russia. Join the discussion of this topic here:

i have strong emotions when it comes to people i spend time with. so my point is after being born as philosopher in nature, child that does not understand things and then question them always asking when something doesn't seems right. so its hard to find answers of any kind when it comes to people. so i understanding great deal of things, there is much to learn still, but i stay sad every once a while.

its when you speak with someone and you see its interest, their beliefs, their dreams. and after Anastasia its eaven worse. most of them are technology worshipers of some other "weird" practices in human belief. I get sad. realy sad. i canot connect with a dead car, or deat machine whos functions are limited, fall in love with my new plasma television ir kitchen tools... all that tihngs that anastasia said about false idols and ilusions... i t brings me so down when i meat this in real time. its on early day basis.

so what i wanted to ask you to say your opinions on thus matter, maybe some hint that i maybe missed to conclude. cant be crazy fanatic advertisin anastasia. its not my thing. but how to get from day to day basis not feeling that emptiness in people ? how to live with it ? that all that surrounds you in that moment is people that belive more in ilusions and tehnology, things that doesnt last than in emotion, relationships and real lifetime values...
and one have to say about it ?

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed on this forum are personal opinions of individuals creating the posts. We are not liable for any information posted on the forum.


This section is devoted to the information that will be useful in the creation of a Kin's Domains.

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Giving Birth in the Water with a Dolphin

This video may not be suitable for minors.

Birthing Among Dolphins

by Debbie King

Sarah Evans reached out, gently stroking the dolphin's side. Her labour pangs subsided as she breathed deeply, relaxing in the warm waters of the Red Sea.

Despite opposition from the Israeli authorities, Sarah had decided to go ahead and give birth with the dolphins to 'help' her. And although she had reservations about the lack of hospital facilities available if anything went wrong, within three hours she was holding a healthy baby son.

Sarah had flown out to the Israeli resort of Eilat specifically to give birth with dolphins in the Red Sea. She was one of six pregnant women and a team of doctors, therapists and masseurs who flew to Eilat after months of preparation by London obstetrician Dr. Gowri Motha. The idea was for the dolphins to act as aquatic 'midwives', helping the women to have a tranquil labour.

But the Israeli authorities were not impressed by the idea of the controversial births. Concerned for the safety of the women and their babies, they banned the scheme after health inspectors ruled it could expose mothers and babies to infections. But Sarah was absolutely determined to go ahead, and ignored the ruling. In the end, she was the only one in the group to experience giving birth in the Red Sea.

When she went into labour at midnight, 31-year old Sarah trekked from her hotel room to the beach and the Dolphin Reef sanctuary, where she gave birth to baby Samuel in a heated, glass-bottomed pool. As she hoped, the Reef's six dolphins - Hindu, Cindy, Shi, Dicky Dana and Domino - came to investigate. Sarah, who used Dr Motha's technique of self-hypnosis during her three-hour labour, was able to touch one of them as it circled around her. Husband Jonathan, a 30-year old recruitment agency owner, was there to cut the umbilical cord as Samuel came into world at 3am.

Dr. Motha, 43, has spent 20 years researching childbirth, and believes that dolphins can help a woman deliver with almost no pain by passing an underwater sonar messages of support. And Sarah agrees: "Giving birth in the Red Sea with the dolphins was the most wonderful experience of my life," she says. "I was in complete control of the situation and didn't feel under any pressure to perform, as you do in a hospital with the doctors and nurses milling about.

"It happened so quickly, and I wasn't in any pain. The dolphins came close - but not too close. It felt like they wanted their presence to be known, but didn't want to be too intrusive," she says. Just 30 minutes after the birth, Sarah walked up the sandy beach with her new-born son, and by 4 am she was celebrating with champagne back at the hotel. Sarah, who also has a three-year old son Joshua, says she has no regrets about her unusual labour, even though it meant sneaking out in the night to avoid the authorities.

Now back at home in East Sussex, she says she and baby Samuel are fighting fit. "My only reservation was that while I was in labour I didn't have the option of hospital facilities if I needed them," she says.

Dolphins are said to be able to sense if a woman is pregnant - before she may know herself in some cases - and if there are any pregnant women in the water, they often pay them particular attention.

The other five women who went to Eilat say swimming with the dolphins in the weeks leading up to giving birth was an experience they'll never forget. And Sarah describes how, when she was out swimming in the sea in the weeks before the birth, she'd feel Samuel kicking whenever the dolphins came near and she could touch them.

Dr. Motha, who's committed to encouraging women to opt for natural births and self-hypnosis techniques during labour, hailed the project as a great success. "The fact that one woman gave birth in the sea with dolphins made the trip worthwhile," she said.

"Women feel safe when they're in the water with dolphins. These wonderful mammals understand joy at a very deep level. Swimming with them enables a prospective mother to be in touch with joy, which is the true essence to birth. Hospitals tend to turn the birth of a child into an organized, sanitized affaire over which the professionals, rather than mothers have control."

Babies: Not Designed to Sleep Alone

by Dr. Jay Gordon

The official position jointly proposed by the CSPC and the crib manufacturers' lobbyists will cost many babies their lives. Here's why:

Babies sleeping on a safe surface with sober, nonsmoking parents respond to their parents, and the parents respond to them. The chance of SIDS occurring in this situation is as close to zero as we can measure. For better or worse, most babies have never sneezed in their parents' beds without their parents knowing it. How could they possibly stop breathing without our immediately being aware of the problem and quickly stimulating them back to a regular, safe respiratory pattern?

Babies in a crib or in a room away from their parents will breastfeed less and are at greater risk of infections, including life-threatening ones. We have politely begun calling crib death "SIDS" (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) to remove the stigma many parents have felt about their use of cribs. If there were a disease or cause of infant fatality called "chair death," we would certainly think twice before placing our children in chairs in a separate room for eight or ten hours.

The medical profession, as it often does, is approaching the entire idea of the family bed backward. A baby in the same bed with his or her parents is surrounded by the best possible surveillance and safety system. It must be the responsibility of the manufacturers and proponents of cribs and separated sleep to prove that such disruption is safe, not the other way around. The combined wisdom and experience of governmental "experts" is dwarfed by that of James McKenna, Director of the University of Notre Dame's Mother-Baby Sleep Laboratory. His research and writing explain very clearly that no sleeping situation is 100 percent safe, but that many more babies have suffocated in cribs than in beds shared with their parents.

In 23 years of pediatric experience, I have never had a case of SIDS in my practice. I might be a pretty good doctor, but I'm not that good. Vitally, all of the families I have cared for sleep in the same bed with their babies for either the entire night or the major part of it. These families succeed at breastfeeding and succeed at raising babies and children with fewer episodes of ear infection, pneumonia, and other illnesses than they would be expected to have, according to medical texts.

Newborn babies breathe in irregular rhythms and even stop breathing for a few seconds at a time. To put it simply, they are not designed to sleep alone.

Grape Seed Extract Kills Leukemia Cells

by: Sherry Baker, Health Sciences Editor

Grapes, grape juice and wine made from grapes have been in the news for the last few years -- making headlines for their potential heart protective benefits. Now there's another reason to appreciate the healthy phytochemicals contained in grapes. Researchers from the University of Kentucky have found a natural substance in the fruit that's deadly to malignant leukemia cells. The powerful cancer fighter, derived from grape seeds, triggered the death of 76 percent of leukemia cells exposed to the extract in a laboratory experiment.

The scientists just reported this study in the January 1, 2009, issue of Clinical Cancer Research, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. They also published data that reveals the cell signaling pathway that grape seed extract impacts to trigger the death, or apoptosis, of leukemia cells. The University of Kentucky researchers concluded the extract "turns on" a protein known as JNK that regulates the cancer-cell killing pathway.

"These results could have implications for the incorporation of agents such as grape seed extract into prevention or treatment of hematological malignancies and possibly other cancers," the study's lead author, Xianglin Shi, Ph.D., professor in the Graduate Center for Toxicology at the University of Kentucky, said in a statement to the media.

Dr. Shi and his research team have been studying chemicals called proanthocyanidins in fruits that epidemiological evidence shows may prevent the development of cancer. In additional studies, Dr. Shi and colleagues discovered that apple peel extract contains antioxidant-rich flavonoids which cause several cancer cell lines to die.

Based on this earlier research, as well as studies from other scientists showing grape seed extract reduces breast tumors in rats and skin tumors in mice, the University of Kentucky scientists decided to see what effect the natural components of grape seed extract might have on leukemia cells. Although grape seed extract has already shown activity against several other forms of cancer cell lines in the lab, including skin, breast, colon, lung, stomach and prostate cancers, this is the first time the natural substance has been tested on hematological cancers.

This category of cancers, which the National Cancer Institute lists as the fourth leading cause of cancer incidence and death in the U.S., involve the uncontrolled growth of cells that have similar functions and origins and includes leukemias, lymphomas, and myeloma. Leukemia is specifically a cancer of blood and the bone marrow.

Dr. Shi and his team exposed leukemia cells to a commercially available grape seed extract in different doses. They found the higher doses had the most marked effect in causing the death of the cancer cells. They also discovered that the extract does nothing to harm normal cells.

"What everyone seeks is an agent that has an effect on cancer cells but leaves normal cells alone, and this shows that grape seed extract fits into this category," Dr. Shi stated in the media release.

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Blueberries: A Superfood

Milk Destroys Antioxidant Benefits in Blueberries


Not much is better than a bowl of fresh blueberries. Bursting with flavor and sweetness, low in calories, and packed with nutrients and antioxidants, these tiny fruits are anti-aging superstars. There is however one word of caution. Blueberries lose their power when eaten with milk.

Blueberries have a high affinity for milk protein

A new study reported in the journal Free Radical Biology and Medicine investigated whether antioxidant properties of blueberries were reduced because of their affinity for protein. They assessed the bioavailability of phenolics after consumption of blueberries with and without milk. Phenolics are the active compounds in plants that give blueberries their antioxidant potential.

Volunteers consumed 200 g of blueberries with 200 ml of either water or whole milk. Blood samples were collected at baseline and at intervals following consumption. The samples revealed that ingestion of blueberries with water increased plasma levels and concentrations of caffeic and ferulic acids. When blueberries and milk were ingested together, there was no increase in plasma antioxidant capacity. There was a reduction in the peak plasma concentrations of caffeic and ferulic acids as well as the overall absorption of caffeic acid.

Ferulic acid provides rigidity to cell walls and protects the nervous system. It has a normalizing effect on blood pressure. Caffeic acid is also a powerful protector of neurons. Other research has shown caffeic acid has the potential to prevent neurodegenerative disease.

This study suggests that the best way to gain maximum benefits from blueberries and other fruits eaten for their polyphenol content is to consume them either one hour before protein is consumed, or two hours after.

The effects of ferulic and caffeic acids on neurons may be what give blueberries their ability to influence cognition and learning. A study reported in the August, 2008 journal Nutrition and Neuroscience looked at cognitive impairment in age-related neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's as being due to long-term exposure and increased susceptibility to inflammatory insults. They investigated whether polyphenols in blueberries could reduce the deleterious effects of induced inflammation.

Rats were fed a diet that included a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), or a 2 percent blueberry diet. After two weeks and behavioral evaluation, the rats were examined and total RNA from the hippocampus was extracted to analyze the expression of inflammation-related genes. The researchers found the blueberry diet was able to improve cognitive performance to a much greater degree than was the NSAID diet. Blueberry eaters showed a reduction in several factors influencing the inflammatory response. They concluded that blueberry polyphenols can lessen learning impairments resulting from neurotoxic insult and exert anti-inflammatory actions, perhaps by alteration of gene expression.

Other studies have found that diets rich in blueberries significantly improved both the learning capacity and motor skills of aging animals, making them mentally equivalent to animals much younger.

Blueberries are antioxidant powerhouses

Researchers at Tufts University recently analyzed 60 fruits and vegetables for their antioxidant capabilities. Blueberries were tops among all that were studied, ranking highest in the capacity to destroy free radicals. Antioxidants in blueberries neutralize free radical damage to the collagen matrix of cells and tissues that can lead to cataracts, glaucoma, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, peptic ulcers, heart disease and cancer.

The pigments that give blueberries their color improve the structure of veins and the vascular system. They enhance the effects of vitamin C and inhibit enzymes from cleaving the collagen matrix. Maintaining a stable collagen matrix is essential for health of bones, tendons, cartilage and connective tissue. The collagen matrix is what keeps skin from wrinkling and sagging.

Eating 3 or more servings of fruit per day including blueberries lowers risk of age-related macular degeneration, the primary cause of vision loss in older adults. Blueberries are loaded with eye healthy and vision preserving carotenoids like lutein and zeaxanthin, and flavonoids like rutin, resveratrol and quercitin. And they contain a wealth of minerals needed for vision and overall health, like selenium and zinc.

Blueberries are high in the soluble fiber pectin, which has been shown to lower cholesterol. They provide greater cardio-protective antioxidant capability than red wine.

Blueberries' cancer fighting properties are legendary. Ellagitannins is probably the most highly prized compound in blueberries because of its ability to block metabolic pathways that can lead to the initiation and promotion of cancer. A study reported in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that blueberries inhibit colon cancer cell proliferation and induce programmed cell death. Blueberries contain kaempferol. This compound was shown in the Women's Health Study to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer by 40 percent in women who diets provided the greatest amounts. Blueberries also contain pterostilbene, another powerful cancer fighting compound.

Both diarrhea and constipation can be relieved with blueberries. Their tannin concentration helps reduce inflammation in the digestive tract as well as in the urinary tract. They provide safety form the bacteria that cause food borne illnesses.

Blueberries are terrific anti-depressants and mood elevators.

Choosing and using blueberries

For many people seeing the price tag for fresh organic blueberries is a real jolt. Some of the cost can be minimized by buying wild blueberries. These are often the same quality as those certified organic. Frozen blueberries provide all the antioxidant potential and other nutrients found in fresh ones. If you are looking for frozen berries, check the bag to make sure the berries move around freely and are not stuck together, indicating they have been thawed and refrozen. If you like some juice with your blueberries, frozen is the way to go.

As a general rule, the riper the fruit the greater its antioxidant content.

Organic dried blueberries are also a good choice, especially for snacking since the sweetness is accentuated by the drying process. The antioxidant potential of dried blueberries can be as much as four times greater than that of fresh. Organic dried berries will have been dried at temperatures low enough to protect their antioxidant capabilities.

Heat is a destroyer of the antioxidant potential of blueberries, making canned or other processed berries a poor choice. Fresh or frozen blueberries can be pureed and fed to babies. Blueberries in baby food jars will have lost most of their nutritional value.


US Highbush Blueberry Council,

Organic Facts, Health Benefits of Blueberries,

Blueberries, WHFoods,
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Lower your Blood Pressure Naturally

How You Can Normalize Your Blood Pressure Without Drugs

By Dr. Mercola

If you are not already one in three U.S. adults with high blood pressure, the odds are that without intervention, you will be, at some point in your life.

In fact, the risk of becoming hypertensive is greater than 90 percent for individuals in developed countries, according to an editorial in the Lancet.

The medical term for high blood pressure is hypertension. Many confuse this and believe this is high blood pressure related to being tense or anxious. While this can certainly cause high blood pressure in some, anxiety is a relatively minor cause of this condition.

It's really no surprise that hypertension is on the rise.

In fact, it's to be expected when the diet of choice -- or sometimes prescribed diet --for so many is some variety of a high grain, low fat regimen. This is exactly the wrong nutritional combination if you have high blood pressure, or if you are hoping to prevent the condition.

The Sugar Connection

Groundbreaking research published in 1998 in the journal Diabetes reported that nearly two-thirds of the test subjects who were insulin resistant (IR) also had high blood pressure.

This crucial connection between IR and hypertension is yet another example of how wide-ranging the debilitating effects of high insulin, leptin and blood glucose levels can have on your body.

Additional research revealed that if your blood pressure doesn't drop notably overnight, you run an increased risk of having cardiovascular problems. Here, the connection is also elevated blood sugar (glucose) levels. Elevated blood sugars can result in diabetes and other diseases which increase cardiovascular problems.

Chances are if you have hypertension, you also have poorly controlled blood sugar levels. The two problems often go hand in hand. And if your hypertension is the direct result of an out-of-control blood sugar level, then getting your blood sugars normalized will also bring your blood pressure readings into the healthy range.

Healthy Blood Pressure is Within Your Control

Uncontrolled high blood pressure is a very serious health concern that can cause heart disease and increase your risk of having a stroke. It is especially dangerous because hypertension often has no warning signs or symptoms.

The sad reality is, over half of people taking multiple medications for high blood pressure are still not able to manage their condition.

The great news is that over 85 percent of those who have hypertension can normalize their blood pressure through lifestyle modifications. If you have hypertension or hope to avoid it, there are simple steps you can take to balance your blood pressure, glucose, leptin, and insulin levels -- all at the same time -- without harmful and/or ineffective medications.

I'll detail those steps later in this report.

But first, a little background information about the importance of your blood pressure to your health.

What do the Numbers Mean?

If you've ever had your blood pressure taken, you know that there are two numbers given in a blood pressure reading. The upper or first number is your systolic blood pressure reading. The lower or second number is your diastolic pressure.


120 / 80 =
120 systolic arterial pressure and
80 diastolic arterial pressure

Systolic pressure is the highest pressure, in your arteries and occurs when your ventricles contract at the beginning of your cardiac cycle.

Diastolic pressure refers to the lowest arterial pressure, and occurs during the resting phase of your cardiac cycle.

Both numbers in a blood pressure test are important, but if you're 50 or older, your systolic pressure gives the most accurate diagnosis of high blood pressure.

According to the most recent report (issued 2003) by the Joint National Committee (JNC) on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation and Treatment of High Blood Pressure, the following guidelines apply for determining whether you might suffer from hypertension:

Blood Pressure Classification Systolic Diastolic
Normal <120 and <80
Pre-hypertension 120-139 or 80-89
Stage 1 Hypertension 140-159 or 90-99
Stage 2 Hypertension >=160 or >=100
per JNC 7 Express, December 2003

Getting an Accurate Blood Pressure Reading

Your blood pressure readings can vary significantly from day to day -- even from morning to evening, and often within the same hour. It is when your blood pressure remains consistently elevated that significant health problems can occur.

It's important to remember that there are several variables that can affect the validity of your blood pressure reading.

For example:

- If you're overweight, a size 'average' blood pressure cuff can lead to a falsely elevated blood pressure reading. Estimates indicate that eight to ten percent of overweight and obese patients are wrongly diagnosed as hypertensive due to ill-fitting blood pressure cuffs. Since two-thirds of Americans are overweight, this is a significant concern. You should make sure your doctor or health care professional is using the right size cuff for your size.
- Arm position. If your blood pressure is taken while your arm is parallel to your body, your reading can be up to 10 percent higher than it really is. Blood pressure readings should always be taken with your arm at a right angle to your body.
- White coat hypertension, which is an elevation in blood pressure caused by the stress or fear associated with visits to doctors and other medical personnel, can be a transient but serious concern. Stress reduction in this situation is key.
- But guess what often happens when a patient receives just a single elevated reading at the doctor's office? That patient is typically diagnosed as hypertensive and a prescription is written. This can set off a chain of events which results in even higher readings at future visits, higher doses prescribed of current drugs, and the introduction of additional drugs.

This is a vicious cycle that might have been avoided had certain precautions been taken. If this happens to you be very careful, as it's important to have at least three elevated readings over a few weeks before you can be confident that you truly have hypertension. The exception would be very elevated blood pressures which could increase your risk for stroke -- that situation should be treated without waiting.

Hypertension: When Your Blood Pressure is too High

Some of the main causes of hypertension include lifestyle factors that you have total control over, which are primarily related to your insulin levels (for example, eating a high-grain and high-sugar diet, and not exercising).

If you have high blood pressure, you probably have too much insulin and are insulin resistant. There is often a direct relationship between the level of insulin and blood pressure readings. As your insulin level elevates, so does your blood pressure.

Keeping your insulin level in the healthy range is of paramount importance to ideal blood pressure readings.

The good news is that if you have hypertension, making the appropriate lifestyle changes, which I will review later in this report, will very likely normalize your blood pressure.

Blood Pressure and Big Pharma

It's important to understand that national guidelines for what constitutes high blood pressure or hypertension (HTN) are heavily influenced by drug companies.

There are about 100 different drugs that treat high blood pressure, and the JNC's report is remarkable for its heavy emphasis on drugs, and many times multiple drugs in combination, to treat the condition.

Alternative recommendations for prevention and treatment are barely mentioned. Nowhere in the report will you find information about insulin resistance as the primary cause of high blood pressure in most people.

And here's a stunner.

According to a survey reported by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in July 2003 (the same year the JNC 7 report was issued), despite the number of drugs available and number of prescriptions written, no real progress has been made in controlling high blood pressure among the U.S. adult population.

The survey found that:

- One in three U.S. adults has high blood pressure
- Nearly a third of people with HTN don't know they have the condition
- Over 40 percent were not being treated
- Nearly three out of four people did not have their HTN under control

Another study reported by the Archives of Internal Medicine in 2000 revealed that 30 percent of patients with mild to moderate hypertension responded well to a placebo -- proof that they were able to control their blood pressure without medication.

Yet another study reported by the British Medical Association in June 2003, revealed that 97 percent of people taking drugs for high blood pressure had suffered significant side effects at some point during treatment.

That means you only have three chances out of 100 that you will be side-effect-free if you choose to take drugs to control your high blood pressure.

Prescription Drugs are Not Your Best Choice

It should come as no surprise to learn that the majority of conventional physicians apply a cookbook model to treating hypertension, rather than treating the individual patient and addressing the underlying causes, which have far more to do with lifestyle choices than unavoidable aging.

High blood pressure is in fact an easily treated condition, but one that can cause serious damage to your health if it's ignored.

Drugs, however, are rarely the answer.

There are in the neighborhood of 100 pharmaceutical drugs deemed 'safe and effective' for the treatment of high blood pressure.

And since most blood pressure patients take more than one medication to treat their condition, there is a potentially endless supply of drugs, and drug combinations, available with the flick of a pen across a prescription pad - no lifestyle changes required.

This despite the fact that lifestyle changes have been shown to normalize blood pressure levels in over 85 percent of sufferers!

Since stress is widely known to have a significant effect on blood pressure, how is it the Joint National Committee fails to so much as suggest stress management in its lifestyle modification information?

A study reported by the Archives of Internal Medicine indicates that even 'white coat hypertension,' a transient condition brought on by stress in the presence of medical personnel, is more serious than once thought. In fact, white coat hypertensives suffer heart damage similar to, though not as dramatic as that seen in people with chronic high blood pressure.

The connection between stress and high blood pressure is proven. Unresolved stress issues are at least as significant to your overall health as poor diet and lack of exercise.

New Guidelines Mean New Patients and More Prescriptions

Also worthy of mention is that this seventh JNC report ushered in new guidelines for blood pressure readings.

Up until its publication, a 120/80 reading was considered normal. Now, a reading between 120-139 systolic and 80-89 diastolic is considered pre-hypertensive. Suddenly, in December 2003, 45 million healthy Americans became new potential consumers of anti-hypertensive drugs. This, despite the fact that there is absolutely no evidence these people are at risk for chronic high blood pressure.

We would all be wise to question what's behind a gold standard medical report on the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure that covers lifestyle issues in a single brief paragraph. Not a word of discussion about the link between insulin and hypertension. Not a word about the importance of managing stress.

Normalize Your Blood Pressure Naturally, For Life

The remainder of this special report will show you how to normalize your blood pressure for the rest of your life, without dangerous drugs.

The following information will not only help you bring your blood pressure under control, it will optimize your overall health and the quality of your life in countless other exciting ways. You'll read about the importance of ...

- Eliminating two types of foods that are poison for most people, but especially if you have high blood pressure
- Balancing the omega fats in your diet
- Normalizing your weight
- Managing your emotional life
- 'Drugging' yourself with exercise
- Appropriate sunshine exposure
- Experimenting with supplements and other alternative tips for improving your blood pressure

Eliminate Grains and Sugars from Your Diet

If you have high blood pressure, the first thing you should do is remove all grains and sweets from your diet until both your weight and your blood pressure have normalized.

When you eliminate grains and sweets from your diet, you are on your way to achieving a healthy level of insulin in your bloodstream.

The role insulin plays in high blood pressure cannot be overstated.

If you are like most people with hypertension, you have insulin receptors that don't work efficiently. You have a condition known as insulin resistance (IR). To compensate, your body generates more insulin.

Eating sugars and grains -- including any type of bread, pasta, corn, potatoes, or rice -- will cause your insulin levels to remain elevated.

Elevated insulin levels are very toxic and can lead to devastating consequences for your health.

Insulin stores magnesium, but if your insulin receptors are blunted and your cells grow resistant to insulin, you can't store magnesium and it passes out of your body through urination. Magnesium stored in your cells relaxes muscles. If your magnesium level is too low, your blood vessels will constrict rather than relax, which will raise your blood pressure and decrease your energy level.

Insulin also affects your blood pressure by causing your body to retain sodium. Sodium retention causes fluid retention. Fluid retention in turn causes high blood pressure, and can ultimately lead to congestive heart failure.

When you consume a high-carbohydrate meal, you raise both your blood sugar and your insulin level. A high level of insulin acts as a very strong stimulant to your sympathetic nervous system. The reaction of your sympathetic nervous system causes spasms -- constrictions -- of your arteries. And if you already suffer from hypertension, this further constriction of your blood vessels can increase your risk of a heart attack.

Other Dietary Considerations

1) Eat right for your nutritional type

Eating according to your nutritional type tends to normalize elevated blood pressures in the vast majority of people.

When you address your nutritional type -- your unique biochemical needs, which are based on your specific genetics -- your health problems are addressed at the foundational level, and you are far more likely to achieve a permanent solution for regaining your health.

If you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, or are overweight, it is highly likely that you are eating too many grains -- yes, even unrefined whole grains -- as this is the most common culprit causing your insulin level to become abnormal. The Nutritional Typing diet, however, will help you to not only reduce your intake of sugar and grains (which is beneficial for most everyone), but even more importantly, will help you determine your optimal ratios of carbohydrates to healthy fats and proteins.

2) Normalize your omega 6:3 ratio

Both omega-3 and omega-6 fats are essential for your health. Most Americans, however, are getting too much omega-6 in their diet and far too little omega-3. Consuming omega-3 fats is one of the best ways to re-sensitize your insulin receptors if you suffer from insulin resistance.

Omega-6 fats are found in corn, soy, canola, safflower and sunflower oil. If you're consuming a lot of these oils, you'll want to avoid or limit them.

Omega-3 fats are typically found in flaxseed oil, walnut oil and fish, with fish being by far the best source. Unfortunately, most fresh fish today contains dangerously high levels of mercury. Your best bet is to find a safe source of fish, or if this proves too difficult, you can supplement with Krill Oil, which has been found to be 48 times more potent than fish oil.

3) Eliminate caffeine

The connection between caffeine consumption and high blood pressure is not well understood, but there is ample evidence to indicate that if you have hypertension, coffee and other caffeinated drinks and foods can exacerbate your condition.

Caffeine is a drug, and while it's entirely legal and widely consumed, it can have a powerful affect on your individual physiology.

If you want to eliminate caffeine from your diet, try to do it gradually over a period of days or even weeks in order to avoid withdrawal symptoms like headaches.

Normalize Your Weight

If you are overweight, have diabetes, already have high blood pressure or are at risk for developing hypertension, it's crucial to your health and longevity that you normalize your weight.

Studies show that even a modest weight loss, when maintained, can reduce blood pressure long-term. The key is to keep the weight off, however, because your blood pressure will quite likely go back up right along with any weight you regain.

The best way to optimize your weight and regain or improve your health is to first understand the profound influence the foods you eat have on your physiology.

Two very important things to keep in mind:

- Food is fuel
- You are unique in terms of the type of fuel your body needs for optimal health

The simple truth is that one-size-fits-all diets -- whether intended for weight loss, or to address a particular health concern -- will not work for everyone. That's why some people are helped by, for example, a high protein-low carbohydrate regimen while others become ill from it.

There is no perfect diet for everyone.

The challenge is to learn what the best foods are for you. You can do that by discovering your Nutritional Type.

Once you learn your Nutritional Type and begin eating in accordance with your body's needs, you'll be making food and other nutritional choices that will address your weight issues and other health concerns.

Eating for your Nutritional Type is not like dieting.

With a cookie cutter diet, you're apt to feel deprived much of the time -- maybe even ill -- because the diet might be all wrong for your individual nutritional requirements. Consuming the right fuel for your body's needs based on your Nutritional Type, however, can have an immediate, positive impact on the way you feel, how you look, and your health overall.

It is not a 'quick fix,' mind you -- no healthy lifestyle change is -- but you will notice improvement as soon as you begin to eat the appropriate foods for your personal biochemistry and metabolism.

Learn to Manage Your Emotional Stress

As I stated before, the link between stress and hypertension is well documented.

Doctors and health care professionals committed to treating the whole person rather than a list of physical symptoms are well aware of the crucial connection between diseases of the body and unresolved emotional conflict.

Studies back this up, and in fact, it has been shown that people with heart disease can lower their risk of subsequent cardiac events by over 70 percent simply by learning to manage their stress.

Suppressed negative emotions such as fear, anger and sadness can severely limit your ability to cope with the unavoidable every day stresses of life.

It's not the stressful events themselves that are harmful, but your lack of ability to cope.

The good news is, the technology exists to quickly and effectively transform your suppressed, negative emotions, and relieve stress.

Energy psychology tools like the Meridian Tapping Technique (MTT) are available to assist you in optimizing your emotional health. You can find more information about MTT on my website.

Use Exercise as a Drug

It's no secret that regular physical activity is a far better drug than anything a pharmaceutical company can manufacture, as are the 'side effects' of exercise. Regardless of the primary reason you start an exercise program, your efforts will be rewarded in countless other ways.

A rigorous comprehensive exercise program seems to be very important in producing long-term benefits in people with high blood pressure. Depending on your physical condition when you embark on an exercise program, you may need to consult with a health care professional who can help you can increase to the intensity required to make a difference in lowering your insulin levels.

As a general rule, weight bearing exercises like walking, jogging and running are best.

Studies indicate that aerobic activities like these are most beneficial for lowering blood pressure.

Cycling and swimming take longer to produce the same results, but if you enjoy them, by all means include them in your routine.

Swimming in the ocean is highly preferable to swimming in a chlorinated pool, as pool chemicals present their own set of health problems.

Nearly every program should incorporate a fair measure of anaerobic sprint or burst-type exercises, as these have been shown to be even more effective than aerobic exercises at reducing the risk of dying from a heart attack.

Weight training is another wonderful strategy, especially if you can extend your workout time to 90 minutes a few days a week to include both aerobic and anaerobic exercises in those longer sessions.

If you are insulin resistant, you'll definitely want to include weight training in your exercise program. When you work individual muscle groups, you increase blood flow to those muscles. Good blood flow will increase your insulin sensitivity.

If you are overweight with hypertension, you should engage in relatively intense exercise six to nine hours a week in order to decrease the sensitivity of your insulin receptors. Intense means exerting yourself sufficiently that you can't comfortably talk to someone during your workout.

Get a Daily Dose of Sunshine

Believe it or not, the farther you live from the equator, the higher your risk of developing high blood pressure. And did you know that blood pressure is typically higher in winter months than during the summer?

Sunlight actually affects blood pressure in several ways:

- Sun exposure causes your body to produce vitamin D. Lack of sunlight reduces your vitamin D stores and increases parathyroid hormone production, which increases blood pressure.
- Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to insulin resistance (IR) and Syndrome X (also known as Metabolic Syndrome), a group of health problems that can include IR, elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels, obesity, and high blood pressure.
- Vitamin D is also a negative inhibitor of your body's renin-angiotensin system (RAS), which regulates blood pressure. If you're vitamin D deficient, it can cause inappropriate activation of your RAS, which may lead to hypertension.
- Additionally, exposure to UV rays is thought to cause the release of endorphins, chemicals in your brain that produce feelings of euphoria and relief from pain. Endorphins naturally relieve stress, and stress management is an important factor in resolving hypertension.

Exposure to sunlight is a basic requirement for your health, and not only to normalize your blood pressure. Vitamin D helps systems and organs throughout your body function properly.

Vitamin D receptors can be found in almost every type of cell in your body.

You can achieve nearly all of the benefits of sun exposure by using a safe tanning bed. This will be an important alternative to sun exposure in the winter for those who are unable to "snowbird" away to a sub tropical environment.

You can view my free one hour lecture for more details on vitamin D.

A Word About Vitamin D Supplements ...

Please do NOT let your doctor give you a "prescription" vitamin D. That is vitamin D2, which is synthetic, and not nearly as beneficial as the real vitamin D, which is D3 (cholecalciferol).

If you decide to supplement with oral vitamin D3, you must carefully monitor your vitamin D blood levels to avoid overdosing. (This is why it is highly preferable to get your vitamin D through sun exposure since there is virtually no chance of overdosing.)

When getting your levels checked, it's important to make sure you're in the optimal range. A 'normal' level is considered 20-56 ng/ml or 50-140 nmol/l. However, this is not the time to be 'average.' Instead, aim to maintain an optimal 25-hydroxyvitamin D value of 50-65 ng/ml. Your vitamin D level should not be below 40 ng/ml.

To learn much more about vitamin D test values and the best labs to get your tests done, please visit the following page.

About Supplements and Other Alternatives

Although I have listed some supplements below to be complete, please understand that they are in NO way shape or form to ever be considered as an alternative to the primary recommendations above which treat the real cause of the problem.

Only using the supplements below without incorporating the lifestyle recommendations discussed above is an allopathic approach not very different from using drugs.

- Calcium and magnesium. Daily calcium and magnesium supplementation can be useful in lowering blood pressure, especially if yours is on the high end of high. However, if you avoid sugars and grains and eat for your Nutritional Type (see above), it's unlikely additional calcium or magnesium supplements will be necessary.
- Vitamins C and E. Studies indicate that these vitamins can be helpful in lowering blood pressure. If you're eating for your Nutritional Type, you should be getting the right amount of both these nutrients through your diet alone. If you decide you need a supplement, make sure to take a natural (not synthetic) form of vitamin E. You can tell what you're buying by carefully reading the label. Natural vitamin E is always listed as the 'd-' form (d-alpha-tocopherol, d-beta-tocopherol, etc.) Synthetic vitamin E is listed as 'dl-' forms.
- Olive leaf extract. A recent study showed that supplementing with 1,000 mg of olive leaf extract daily over eight weeks caused a significant dip in both blood pressure and LDL ('bad') cholesterol in people with borderline hypertension. If you want to incorporate olive leaves as a natural adjunct to a nutritionally sound diet, you should look for fresh leaf liquid extracts for maximum synergistic potency. You can also prepare your own olive leaf tea by placing a large teaspoon of dried olive leaves in a tea ball or herb sack. Place it in about two quarts of boiling water and let it steep for three to 10 minutes. The tea should be a medium amber color when done.
- Electrical acupuncture. Acupuncture combined with electrical stimulation has shown to temporarily lower elevations in blood pressure in animals by as much as 50 percent. It's currently undergoing testing in humans and could be a promising alternative treatment for controlling blood pressure.
- For parents. If your children lose their cool while playing video games, this could signal they are at risk for developing hypertension in later years. The video games available these days can be very violent in nature, which is cause for further concern. Encourage a balance in your children's activities. Ideally, they should be involved in exercise and other physically active pursuits during the majority of their leisure time. The sedentary lifestyle of so many children today is contributing to obesity and other chronic conditions and diseases, including high blood pressure.
- For moms of newborns. Studies have shown that babies who are breastfed for more than 12 months have a dramatically reduced risk of developing hypertension. Researchers believe long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (the same found in fatty fish) in breast milk provide a protective effect for newborns.
- Quick tricks. Increasing nitric monoxide in your blood can open constricted blood vessels and lower your blood pressure. Methods for increasing the compound include taking a warm bath, breathing in and out through one nostril (close off the other nostril and your mouth), and eating bitter melon, rich in amino acids and vitamin C.

Like obesity, high blood pressure is reaching epidemic proportions among American adults. If big drug companies had their way, there would be at least as many drugs available to treat obesity as there are for hypertension. But as study after study shows, drugging with pharmaceuticals is a short-term, unreliable, and often quite dangerous approach to treating symptoms rather than the underlying causes of disease.

A natural approach to preventing disease and healing yourself when illness strikes is always the better choice. In the case of high blood pressure, lifestyle changes -- with particular emphasis on normalizing your insulin levels -- can put you on the road to a drug-free, all natural return to optimal health.

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Biodynamic Gardening

Raised Beds

Gardening with raised beds is so much more productive than single row gardening, takes up far less space, and requires so much less labour, that there is simply no contest. Single row gardening is copied from large scale farming and cultivation by tractor drawn equipment - and raised beds do not require cultivation. Bingo. No contest on this count alone.

Raised beds also allow you to grow 4 times as much produce as single row gardening in the same space. Which means 4 times less cultivation, weeding, irrigation, fertilisation, soil improvement - and all the labour and costs these things entail. We now have a fourfold bingo! And as if all this were not enough, raised beds have many additional benefits:

- they warm up earlier in Spring
- they remain un-compacted
- they eliminate tilling
- they allow much denser planting
- they substantially reduce the need for weeding

Raised beds warm up earlier in Spring, and also early in the day, so much so that they can be seeded or planted as much as a month earlier than in flat ground in the same area.

Since raised beds are never walked upon, the soil never becomes compacted, and always remains in excellent tilth (nicely and finely 'crumbly') - ideal for sprouting seeds, growing roots, availability of nutrients, and for water and air penetration.

Raised beds eliminate the need for cultivation (hoeing hardened and compacted soil) - and the need for tilling in Spring and Fall.

Raised beds allow much denser planting, saving much space, and substantially increase the yield per cultivated area as compared to row crops.

Denser crops also shade the ground between them, which discourages weeds, and reduces evaporation of moisture as well.

Fortunately, making raised beds is also a one-time thing, and needs to be done only once. To begin, mark out your gardens in 3.5 or 4 Foot wide beds, with 18" paths in between. Use little stakes and string, to keep the beds from slowly getting narrower or wider. These beds can be as long as you wish. I had mine laid out in a pattern of two sections, each 50 feet long, with a wide central path down the middle of my 100 x 100 Feet garden. Since I am fairly short - only 5-6 all in all - I also found it much easier to reach into the middle of the 3.5 Foot wide beds than the 4 Foot wide ones. Still, I found the 4 Foot wide beds just right for the cucumber beds.

Once you have done the garden lay out, just shovel a few inches of soil from what will be the paths onto the beds - and there are your raised beds. If you wish, you can also use 2 inch cedar planking, held by stout stakes inside the bed, as the 'walls' of your raised beds, but this is really not necessary.If necessary, add top soil from elsewhere, or brought in, to reach the desired hight. For a very attractive garden, or if you need more soil for your raised beds, you can also take another 2 to 3 inches of soil from your paths and replace it with fir bark mulch (never cedar bark mulch; cedar contains an antibiotic which will leach into your garden, and strongly hinders plant growth). And once you have established your raised beds, you need not ever do it again, unless you want to change the basic layout of your garden.

To return briefly to the problem of hardpan and situations of less than the minimum of 18" inches deep loam. If you have at least 10" deep loam, you can let Nature take care of the hardpan problem. Just punch some holes through the hardpan for basic drainage, as described earlier, and then let Nature solve the problem of the hardpan. And she will. The penetration of hardy roots into the hardpan during the season, and their decay in fall, will slowly break up the hardpan and transform it, albeit somewhat slowly, into rich loam. Every year you can expect the layer of hardpan to become less by one-half to 1 inch.

There is only one slight disadvantage of raised beds. In places which have only a thin layer of soil over bedrock and much direct exposure to the sun, raised beds dry out faster than flat ground beds. In this case, filling the paths to the top level of the raised beds with fir bark mulch (never cedar bark mulch), or anything else which retains moisture well, will go a long way to solve this problem.

Altogether, raised beds offer ideal growing conditions, are so much more productive, and require so much less labour, that there is simply no comparison with single row gardening. And we'll reduce the labour even more, and quite a lot, as we go along. Next though, we'll get into balancing the soil.

Watch Video:

Life in the slow lane: A Tour of biodynamic farming

Using the land - safely utilizing and still protecting you natural resources

The earth is a natural organism that is alive in every way. It's rivers act like blood vessels and its oceans are giant filters. It is growing new parts of its body all the time. It expands and contracts as it breathes. Man is but one organism living on the earth, each of us acting like a cell in a massive system. The human cell can be detrimental to the earthly host in the same way that the cancerous cell is detrimental within man. Using our resources in the most thoughtful, compassionate, and even useful way will allow us to progress as a species, in unity with the earth.

The earth has certain zones within it, in nearly all locations. Man can best utilize the natural topography and technologies that the earth has in place and minimize his impact on the system, thereby making it more whole. In order to accomplish this, he must allow certain places within the earth to remain pristine, so that they may function by design. Following are tips for working within each of the earth's 8 main functional zones.

Surface water (waterfront)

Land uses consonant with the preservation of surface water include harbor facilities, marinas, water and sewage treatment plants, water-related and water-using industries (i.e. a stone ground millhouse), and large single-structure (1500 SF footprint) estates. Land uses that do not damage water resources include organic agriculture, forestry, recreation, institutional uses (schools), and residential open space. Leave 200' each side of existing waterways free from development.

Negative ionization, a physical and emotional health benefit of watercourses, is produced by lightning and thunderstorms and occurs naturally at fountains, waterfalls, and during rain. Using these natural elements in the design of you home and landscape will benefit both the earth and you. Make them a destination.


Often grassy marshes serve man's needs for flood and water storage, wildlife habitats, and spawning grounds for fish. These areas are usable for recreation and certain types of agriculture (like cranberry bogs).


Floodplains allow rivers and lakes to overflow, which actually serves to clear out debris that chokes the flow of fresh water. It's a very useful natural technology in the worldview, though man tends to lose property in the moments when the edges are no so predictable. For that reason, it is best to use 50-year floodplains for uses that can withstand the deluge. Agriculture, forestry, open space, marinas, water-related and utilizing industries, and limited raised housing are appropriate here.

Allow the low parts of stream, river, and lake areas, especially those with grasses but also those within the 50-year floodplain, to remain untouched to allow riparian access to streams, give the water plenty of space to be cleaned, and allow hardwoods to grow. If you want to build near a stream, that's okay, just build within the forested area so that the grasslands that filter the water for the stream are allowed to function correctly.


Aquifers and their strata of rock, gravel, or sand are key to clean water. Development in these areas should minimize the impact of sewage treatment. Industry and urbanization in these zones is more than detrimental. It has the capacity to poison the regional ecosystem. Agriculture, forestry, recreation, and low density housing are acceptable uses.

If your settlement is over an aquifer, use a community-wide sewer type system and single mass production plant to make methane for the community house instead of a septic type system, which will spread the effluents all over the (currently functioning) aquifer instead of a localized place where it's healthy bacteria and scrubbers have a chance to defend the whole.

Aquifer recharge zones

Such areas occur at the intersection of surface water and aquifers. Oftentimes ate periods of low flow, streams and rivers are actually just moving groundwater. If the stream or river is polluted, thus the aquifer becomes polluted. These areas are better left alone, so that they may heal each.

Steep lands

The soil Conservation service recommends not building or farming on soils sloping more that 12% in order to minimize erosion and allow for natural flood control. Steep slopes are recommended for recreation and forestry, with some low-density housing. Only allow 1 house per 3 acres in steep terrain or in the deepest parts of the forest. Do not plow or plant more than 12% of available meadows unless you are using entirely locally occurring plants, and even then only plant 50% of the available space. (This is mainly for the safety and health of the wildlife who may not understand why your carrots are off-limits.)

Forests and Woodlands

Forests improve microclimates around all land use areas. They cast off heavy winds and allow breezes. They diminish erosion, sedimentation, flood, and drought. They offer wildlife habitat, and allow man a space for both recreation and scenic beauty. The forest is low maintenance and self-perpetuating. They are most effectively utilized for forestry, recreation, and housing densities of one unit per acre.

Prime Agricultural Lands

Prime agricultural soils are the most productive agricultural soils, sure, but you may not realize that they also recharge all the topsoil in the area. These rich soils are worthy of our protection, if for no other reason than the ability to use them later.

There are many areas of non-prime agricultural lands. These are perfect for large groupings of buildings. Preserve the best lands you can for cultivation and water/topsoil recharge.

Use only deep, well-drained soils for row agriculture. Do not attempt to use rocky or swampy soils, or steep sites without ecologically minded terracing for agricultural uses.

If there are USDA Category 1 soils on your land, allow a portion of them to remain fallow in service the rest of the land. Use only at most an area equal to 35% of these soils, and use crop rotation techniques, so that your topsoil stays healthy and can be recharged. Only build 1 large building (1500SF footprint) per 25 acres in these prime soil recharge areas.

To understand you state's soils profiles, go to your state's page at the USDA, or your country's equivalent. The USDA page is located here:

As to the design of an eco-restorative settlement of your own or of like-minded beings, it is key to remove all the concepts of boundaries that you come with. A truly ecologically-based site design takes into consideration not just acquisition of the literal chunk of land - but also the relationship between your needs and the land's. The collective settlement of multiple kin domains, the creation of a community, should aspire to this also, however in order to do so, the community must let go the concept of a square or rectilinear boundary.

In so far as you are able, leave the land alone. Use swales and berms to provide groundwater recharge and direct water flows to ponds, but be mindful of diverting streams, or creating them for that matter. Water and the land are inextricably in relationship so mindful management is key to survival of both, as well as to the health and well being of the plants and animals. Berms can also serve as a leech field for sewage, allowing the higher ground to serve the filtration purpose before the effluent gets into the groundwater.

Allow your natural weed management system - goats and otherwise - to free range so that erosion is not localized and the plants have a chance to heal.

* * * * *

The vision of Archinia was created and continues through the passionate direction of Rachel Preston. Rachel is a unique designer who integrates past and present in her design work, using historic vernacular precedents and materials and methods of place and time to create spaces that feel, and are, alive.

Rachel graduated in 1998 from Texas A&M University, where she studied Architectural Design, Architecture History, and Historic Preservation. She has studied and worked in the cathedrals and villas of Europe, and worked alongside American architects specializing in religious, historic, and ultra-high-end custom residential design. Her work has included forensic architecture, archaeological architecture, the preservation and adaptive reuse of historic structures, re/design for handicapped accessibility, as well as the design of bio-climatic residences and commercial structures for non-profits.

Rachel is an enthusiastic writer, with blogs on Kin Domains, Sacred Architecture, and Sacred Travel. She is currently completing two books on architecture:

The Illustrated Guide to Building Design for Kin Domains, a guidebook of bio-climatic architectural principles for supporters of the Anastasia / Ringing Cedars movement that started in Russia and has quickly become a worldwide phenomenon.

An American Fairy's Home Companion, an illustrated book that introduces children to the vibrant world of architecture through vivid illustrations and the introduction of basic architectural design principles. The Companion is designed for evolution into activity projects for elementary-level educators.

Rachel is committed to sharing architecture as more than an academic exercise. She is also an award-winning architectural photographer. Travelling often, she offers workshops on bio-climatic design principles, labyrinth design, and Feng Shui / space clearing / organization. She regularly works with non-profits on team building, strategic planning and building committee training. Her audience includes children, and she shares architecture with Girl Scouts, Waldorf schools, and as a stand-in art teacher at local schools near her home in Taos, New Mexico. Her classes have been offered at green festivals, churches, garden clubs, and archaeological and history groups . Rachel has a passion for the sacred in everything and strives to bring a sense of sanctuary into all she does.

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Genepax shows off water-powered fuel cell vehicle

Genepax Co Ltd explained the technologies used in its new fuel cell system "Water Energy System (WES)," which uses water as a fuel and does not emit CO2.

The system can generate power just by supplying water and air to the fuel and air electrodes, respectively, the company said at the press conference, which took place June 12, 2008, at the Osaka Assembly Hall.

The basic power generation mechanism of the new system is similar to that of a normal fuel cell, which uses hydrogen as a fuel. According to Genepax, the main feature of the new system is that it uses the company's membrane electrode assembly (MEA), which contains a material capable of breaking down water into hydrogen and oxygen through a chemical reaction.

Though the company did not reveal the details, it "succeeded in adopting a well-known process to produce hydrogen from water to the MEA," said Hirasawa Kiyoshi, the company's president. This process is allegedly similar to the mechanism that produces hydrogen by a reaction of metal hydride and water. But compared with the existing method, the new process is expected to produce hydrogen from water for longer time, the company said.

With the new process, the cell needs only water and air, eliminating the need for a hydrogen reformer and high-pressure hydrogen tank. Moreover, the MEA requires no special catalysts, and the required amount of rare metals such as platinum is almost the same as that of existing systems, Genepax said.

Unlike the direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC), which uses methanol as a fuel, the new system does not emit CO2. In addition, it is expected to have a longer life because catalyst degradation (poisoning) caused by CO does not occur on the fuel electrode side. As it has only been slightly more than a year since the company completed the prototype, it plans to collect more data on the product life.

At the conference, Genepax unveiled a fuel cell stack with a rated output of 120W and a fuel cell system with a rated output of 300W. In the demonstration, the 120W fuel cell stack was first supplied with water by using a dry-cell battery operated pump. After power was generated, it was operated as a passive system with the pump turned off.

This time, the voltage of the fuel cell stack was 25-30V. Because the stack is composed of 40 cells connected in series, it is expected that the output per cell is 3W or higher, the voltage is about 0.5-0.7V, and the current is about 6-7A. The power density is likely to be not less than 30mW/cm2 because the reaction area of the cell is 10 x 10 cm.

Meanwhile, the 300W fuel cell system is an active system, which supplies water and air with a pump. In the demonstration, Genepax powered the TV and the lighting equipment with a lead-acid battery charged by using the system. In addition, the 300W system was mounted in the luggage room of a compact electric vehicle "Reva" manufactured by Takeoka Mini Car Products Co Ltd, and the vehicle was actually driven by the system.

Genepax initially planned to develop a 500W system, but failed to procure the materials for MEA in time and ended up in making a 300W system.

For the future, the company intends to provide 1kw-class generation systems for use in electric vehicles and houses. Instead of driving electric vehicles with this system alone, the company expects to use it as a generator to charge the secondary battery used in electric vehicles.

Although the production cost is currently about 2,000,000 Yen (US$18,522), it can be reduced to 500,000 Yen or lower if Genepax succeeds in mass production. The company believes that its fuel cell system can compete with residential solar cell systems if the cost can be reduced to this level.

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H2O Car - Water Powered Car

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For Educational purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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Why do boxer Vasily Jirov, wild wolves and savvy health consumers all cherish Siberian pine nut oil?

Pine Nut Oil: The Secret is out! Cedar products have apparently been cherished by ancient royalty such as King Solomon, Pharaoh Tutankhamen and even the Sumerian Gods for their health benefits, along with appreciation for the wood of these mysterious, ancient trees. And yes, wild animals are just as smart as royalty when it comes to the best in nutrition. Although the wonderful benefits of the Siberian Cedar tree have been no secret to THE EARTH readers, with the help of physicians and scientists conducting cutting-edge research, the legendary powers of Siberian cedar tree products are now becoming better known to the average consumer. Even the general media are "getting wind" of the taiga giants' secrets. Scientists are busy cataloguing the numerous healing benefits of Siberian cedar tree, considered sacred in most traditional medical lore, and more recently, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor A. B. Krivosheev of the Department of Internal Medicine conducted fascinating research with Ringing Cedars of Russia's pine nut oil at the City Clinical Hospital of Novosibirsk # 1, showing how many severe digestive disorders can improve with intake of this miracle healer (see: As a consequence of this increasing interest, the Siberian Cedar tree, also known as Siberian Pine, is gaining prominence for its numerous benefits, and its healing qualities are praised as antidotes to almost every modern ailment, including those of an emotional nature.

Dr. Regina Jensen, a health-researcher licensed as a physical as well as psychotherapist, has been busy researching Siberian pine nut oil, which she calls a most unique super food. As the editor for Space of Love Magazine, she plans to feature the Siberian Cedar in their forthcoming issue "just like royalty" , she says, because of these legendary benefits as the ultimate healer. "It's uniqueness" , she says, "come from the fact that every part of the tree has some kind of health benefit for humans, animals and even the plants which grow around them." A growing number of savvy health food consumers consider it one of the best super foods, such as boxer Vasily Jirov who was Champion of Kazakstan more than once, Champion of the USSR as well as of Europe and Asia, World Champion, and Olympic Champion at the Atlanta Games in 1996. He holds the world title among professionals of both the International Boxing Federation (IBF) and the North American Boxing Organization (NABO).

For Jirov, the Siberian pine nuts can actually replace this athlete's need for meat with their unique and legendary amino acid profile. Jirov, whose athletic abilities have earned him the title of the "Tiger from Kazakhstan" , appreciates Siberian pine nut oil from The Ringing Cedars of Russia as "extremely nutritious, furnishing a good supply of energy for the day, and serves to quickly restore one's strength after a training work-out" . He finds that Siberian pine nuts and pine nut oil help him build muscles and that the pine nut flour's unique substances can replace any protein, even for his growing children. He has been called by interviewer Izyaslav Koza "a true warrior, and someone you just want to succeed, because he deserves it." Could the pine nut oil even have an effect upon our emotional constitution? (Read more about Vasily Jirov here: What is today's sport elite thinking about?)

Pine Nut Oil Press
This equipment and method of pressing Siberian Pine Nuts brings the difference in the quality of "RINGING CEDARS OF RUSSIA" Siberian Pine Nut Oil

Jensen, as a psychotherapist, is interested in just that unique quality of this apparent super food, namely of the tree "having a soul" , as biologists have put it, which goes right along with ancient legends. Why? It appears that the tree has biological rhythms very similar to those of humans, responding to changes in its environment much more flexibly and spontaneously than other trees. "In herbal lore of East and West, a plant's looks or behavior are very often related to the benefits it can bestow," says Jensen, "so it comes as no surprise that the gifts of this tree can help us come back into rhythm with our selves, each other and the life all around us." Boxer Jirov's "politeness, humbleness, and character really do exceed expectations," said interviewer Koza, and part of this surely is just that, Jirov's wonderful personality. But in a world such as competitive sports, especially fighting sports, it is wise indeed to take measures to protect such great human qualities with the right kind of nutritional support. The Pine nuts and pine nut oil are also said to eliminate psychological unease and restore "a sense of self-confidence and joyfulness. "

Dr. Jensen became interested in Siberian pine nut products for her health center, but also for personal use, because of their unique fatty acid profile. With a family history of high cholesterol because of fatty acid metabolizing difficulties, she praises the Siberian pine nuts' benefits as very unique. "For people who are committed to the best super foods they can find, this is such a unique treasure. "True health foods are rare any more," she says, "because there are so many inferior, lifeless supplements sold out there." The wild harvested, cold pressed Siberian pine nut oil which she uses is first pressed only. "I only know one company so far which produces these products and especially the cold pressed oils with the exquisite integrity they need, namely Ringing Cedars of Russia. They even have an ingenious way of certifying the wild harvested, first pressed quality of its pine nuts and pine nut oil." Jensen, with her difficulties of metabolizing fatty acids such as the common fish or flax oils, uses the pine nut oil in a unique way indeed, namely by applying it all over her body - an ancient way of "feeding" the blood, she says. (Read More on CEDAR THE HEALER) When people were very ill and intravenous life-saving measures had not been invented yet, rubbing the body down with nutritious oils was one way of supplying nourishment and strength to the body. And, she says, its unique cosmetic qualities keep her skin young and beautiful all at the same time. "Best of all," she says, "about five minutes after I apply the oil, without fail, a surge of happiness rushes through me." And she wonders: "Is that my own soul, happy for the extra support, or is that the soul of the Siberian Cedar?" Maybe the answer to that question will remain a mystery of the wild, Siberian taiga?

Misc. Notes:

Pine nuts are rich in the most important macro- and micronutrients:

70% of these are essential and relatively essential, which indicates the high biological value of proteins. While arginine (up to 21g/100 g of protein) is considered replaceable in the diet of an adult person, it is considered essential in the case of children.

Pine nut protein is distinguished from the protein of other products by its elevated content of diamino-hexanoic acid (up to 12.4g/100g of protein), methionine (up to 5.6g/100g of protein) and triptophane (up to 3.4g/100g of protein) - these are the most frequently deficient amino acids, which usually limit the biological value of protein in product composition.

First among nitrogenous substances are the proteins, which in turn are characterised by an elevated content of amino acids, especially arginine. These amino acids are extremely important to development of the growing organism. Hence cedar nuts have been essential in the diet of children, teenagers and pregnant women. Nut protein is easy to digest.

Essential Oils of the Siberian Cedar

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Pine nuts contain valuable lipolytic vitamins E and P . E-group vitamins, or tocopherols, are very important and essential in ensuring complete genetic heredity. (The word tocopherol in Greek literally means "I bear offspring" . ) A deficiency of Vitamin E upsets the fatty balance in the system. Vitamin E is responsible for the production of milk in nursing mothers, and its deficiency can stop lactation. A person's predisposition to atherosclerosis can also be explained by a Vitamin-E deficiency.

Pine nuts contain a complex of B vitamins, which normalise the activity of the nervous system, have a favourable influence on the growth and development of the human organism, and improve blood composition. Young wolves delight in feasting on cedar nuts during exfoliation. Cedar nuts are used by both carnivores and herbivores, and are an effective antidote to vitamin deficiency, which causes serious disorders in the system.

Pine nut nuclei are rich in valuable mineral substances and micronutrients. The food value is confirmed by the chemical composition of the cedar nuts. They surpass all other nuts as well as oil seeds in terms of phosphatidic content. As the richest source of lecithin they are comparable only to soybean. Cedar nuts are also a rich source of iodine, which is very important to residents of northern latitudes.

(c) 2008
(c) 2008 Regina B. Jensen, Ph.D.

* Dr. Regina Jensen holds licenses as a psychotherapist, physical therapist, certifications as Master Executive Coach, and Somatic therapies with professional training and experience for over 35 years. She is a writer and independent researcher with a commitment "to finding intelligent, expedient and joyful solutions for the predicaments we have co-created for each other on our Mother Planet."


A. B. Krivosheev Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Internal Medicine of the City Clinical Hospital of Novosibirsk # 1, "REPORT of a Clinical Trial of Siberian Cedar Nut Oil Bearing the Ringing Cedars of Russia Trademark in the comprehensive therapy of digestive, stomach, and intestinal disorders" Novosibirsk, Russia 2008.

Vasily Jirov Champion of Kazakstan more than once, Champion of the USSR as well as of Europe and Asia, World Champion, and Olympic Champion at the Atlanta Games in 1996. Hold the world title among professionals of both the International Boxing Federation (IBF) and the North American Boxing Organization (NABO). "What is today's sport elite thinking about?" Toronto, Canada 2006

Presented by "Open Mind" organization "THE CEDAR NUTS A TREASURE-HOUSE OF USEFUL SUBSTANCES" Kiev, Ukraine 2005.

B. M. Doronin PhD, Professor of Novosibirsk State Medical University Department of Neurology "EFFECTIVENESS OF USING SIBERIAN CEDAR OIL IN THE COMPREHENSIVE TREATMENT OF NEUROTIC DISORDERS" Novosibirsk, Russia 2008.

Presented by Vozrozhdenie [Revival] Foundation "The Cedar: Grandeur in Each Crown" Prague, Czech Republic 2006


Pine Nut Oil - Siberian Pine, Pinus sibirica or ancient native name Siberian Cedar presents Pine Nut Oil toothpaste Kedra

Study of the effectiveness and
clinical results for anti-inflammatory
effect of Pine Nut Oil toothpastes
over the entire period of the observations

The Department of Therapeutic Dentistry, Novosibirsk State Medical University
Associate Professor T. G. Petrova, Head of the Department of Preventive Dentistry
T. V. Zvereva, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Instructor in the Department of Preventive Dentistry

Toothpaste with Cedar Nut Flour and Cedar Nut Shell

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1. Purpose of the study: To determine the effectiveness of the therapeutic and prophylactic action of pine nut oil toothpastes Kedra under Ringing Cedars of Russia sign.

2. Goals of the study: To evaluate the condition of patients' mouths prior to the use of the therapeutic and prophylactic pine nut oil toothpastes Kedra.
- To study the cleansing properties of Kedra toothpastes after two and six weeks of use.
- To study the anti-inflammatory properties of pine nut oil toothpastes Kedra after two and six weeks of use.
- To provide an evaluation of the organoleptic properties of Kedra toothpastes from the results of a survey.

3. Materials and methods of the study:
The study was carried out with the voluntary consent of patients of both sexes from 18 to 25 years of age. The test subjects did not have any medical contraindications, and undertook to use only the toothpaste issued to them. Prior to the beginning of the study, instructions were given to the test subjects regarding oral hygiene and the standard methods of brushing the teeth. It was recommended to all test subjects that they use brushes with soft and very soft bristles because of inflammation of the gums. No other forms of hygienic care for the mouth was permitted during the period of the study, as well as directed treatment of inflammatory diseases of the parodontium. Just before the study, all patients were given a professional cleaning of the oral cavity.

Twenty persons with chronic catarrhal gingivitis took part in the study.

Methods of brushing:

In the morning - Kedra with pine nut oil and mint essential oil,
Evening - Kedra with Siberian pine resin, pine nut flour and pine nut shell.

All patients underwent an interview process according to a specially developed questionnaire to evaluate the organoleptic properties of pine nut oil toothpastes Kedra under Ringing Cedars of Russia sign.

Toothpaste with Siberian Cedar Nut Oil and Mint Essential Oil

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In the study, indicators were recorded for the test subjects during their examination that classified the presence of dental tartar and plaque, and a clinical examination was made of the condition of the soft tissues of the mouth.

During the testing of the toothpastes, an evaluation of the level of oral hygiene was made according to the OHI-S index (Green, Vermillion, 1964), the tendency to bleed of the gums according to the GBI index (J. Silness, 1964, H. Loe, 1967), and the degree of gum inflammation according to the PMA index (C. Parma, 1960).

The cleansing effect was determined as a reduction of the OHI-S index according to the formula:

Effect (%) = 100 x [OHI-S(1) - OHI-S(2)]/OHI-S(1), where the indices OHI-S(1) and (2) refer to the first and subsequent examinations.

The hemostatic effect was determined as a reduction of the GBI index according to the formula:

Effect (%) = 100 x [GBI(1) - GBI(2)]/GBI(1), in which the indices GBI(1) and (2) refer to the first and subsequent examinations.

The anti-inflammatory effect was determined as a reduction of the PMA index according to the formula:

Effect (%) = 100 x [PMA(1) - PMA(2)]/PMA(1), in the formula the indices PMA(1) and (2) refer to the first and subsequent examinations.

4. Results of the study:

Only data received from the test subjects who had undergone the entire investigation in full were used. The average values of the indices being studied is presented in Table 1.

Table 1
Change in dental condition over the period of observation

Time of examination




Initial examination




After two weeks




After six weeks




Evaluation of effectiveness (%)




The application of Kedra toothpastes under Ringing Cedars of Russia over the course of six weeks demonstrated that, when used, an improvement of the hygienic condition of the mouth and the condition of the parodontium is observed.

Table 2
Change in the condition of the parodontium with the use of Kedra toothpastes according to the PMA index

Time of examination

PMA indicator (%)

Assessment of the anti-inflammatory effect (%)

Initial examination



After two weeks



After six weeks



As it follows from Table 2, a marked anti-inflammatory effect was observed in patients with chronic catarrhal gingivitis with the use of Kedra toothpastes with pine nut oil under Ringing Cedars of Russia sign, which was expressed in the reduction of the PMA indicator by 46.77% for the first two weeks, an even more intensive change in the indicator occurred over six weeks of use and came to 52.5%.

Table 3
Change in the numerical indicators of the Gingival Bleeding Index with the use of Kedra toothpastes over the period of the study

Time of examination

Bleeding index indicator

Assessment of the anti-inflammatory effect (%)

Initial examination



After two weeks



After six weeks



On examining the history of the change in the degree of gingival bleeding with the use of Kedra toothpastes with pine nut oil, a reduction in bleeding by 26.7% was found after two weeks, and by 46% after six weeks, which is evidence of a marked increase in the anti-inflammatory effect of Kedra toothpastes under Ringing Cedars of Russia sign over the entire period of the observations.

Table 4
Changes in the level of oral hygiene with the use of Kedra toothpastes according to the OHI-S index

Time of examination

OHI-S indicator

Assessment of cleansing effectiveness (%)

Initial examination



After two weeks



After six weeks



On examining the change in the level of oral hygiene when using pine nut oil toothpastes Kedra, an improvement in oral hygiene was found in patients with gingivitis. The increase in the indicator of cleansing effectiveness after two weeks of use by 37%, and after six weeks by 45.5% from the initial state indicates a good cleansing effect of the pine nut oil toothpastes being studied.

A study of the organoleptic properties of the Kedra toothpastes with pine nut oil indicated that 68% of the patients evaluate the taste of the paste as pleasant, while 74% of patients mention the pleasant aroma of the toothpastes (Table 5). The toothpastes did not have any localized irritating or allergenic effects on the mucous membrane of the mouth, and did not stain the hard tissue of the tooth. Of the people studied, 75% noted a good level of frothiness of the toothpastes, and 88% of the patients mentioned a sensation of freshness in the mouth after brushing their teeth.

Thus, with the use of the Kedra toothpaste with Siberian pine resin, pine nut flour and pine nut shell in the evening, and the Kedra toothpaste with pine nut oil and mint essential oil in the morning, a marked cleansing and anti-inflammatory effect is noted for the toothpastes being investigated. Allergenic and localized irritating effects of the toothpastes on the mucous membrane of the mouth were not established in the course of the study. Taking into account the high anti-inflammatory and hemostatic effectiveness of the Kedra toothpastes, they should be recommended for use to patients with inflammatory diseases of the parodontium.

Table 5
Organoleptic properties of Kedra toothpastes


Positive evaluations

Negative evaluations


Pleasant 68%

Unpleasant 32%


Pleasant 74%

Absence of an unpleasant sensation, but not a completely pleasant aroma 26%


Good 75%

Not very good 25%

Sensation of freshness in the mouth

Yes 88%

No 12%

Discoloration of the teeth

No discoloration 100%

Change in the sensitivity of the teeth

No change 98%

Change 2%

Side effects

No side effects 100%

Toothpaste with Siberian Cedar Nut Oil and Mint Essential Oil

The Department of Therapeutic Dentistry, Novosibirsk State Medical University
Associate Professor T. G. Petrova, Head of the Department of Preventive Dentistry
T. V. Zvereva, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Instructor in the Department of Preventive Dentistry.
Used by permission

Cedar Resin

F. Filimonova Ph. D.,
Novosibirsk State Medical University
Novosibirsk, Russia

Turpentine Balsam:
Pine Nut Oil with
Pine Resin

This unique balsam effectively copes with the majority of gastrointestinal diseases, quickly heals wounds and sores, aids in cases of colds, calms the heart and nerves, and increases vitality. It is a wonderful product for skin care.

Composition: "Cedar resin in cedar nut oil" contains 3% cedar resin dissolved in natural cedar nut oil.

Indications for use: diseases of the skin, the gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, and locomotor system, and bronchopulmonary diseases.

Contraindications: individual intolerance.

"Siberian Cleanse"

This unique system for the restoration of the body was imparted to a woman by a female Siberian shaman many years ago. She said, "If you do this every year, you will never grow old." To what extent this is true is complicated for us to judge at the present. But we can tell you what happens in the human body when resin is ingested.

Over the course of your life you have most probably been on some fashionable diets or specialized cleanses. And you know very well that this was "not your thing"! To do this, you need both the appropriate mood and desire. But what do you do when the mood is not there? Can a method of cleansing be used to achieve the advertised result without any strain? You will probably laugh, but such a method exists, and it is provided by this very same turpentine balsam.

The "Siberian cleanse" is very simple and, unlike other cleanses, does not cause stressful situations for the body. Gently and slowly, including the process of cleansing and improvement on the cellular level, a person's chromosomal chain begins to be restored! Such a deep effect is rarely achieved with the use of complicated special homeopathic systems of healing.

When you begin to drink turpentine, your immunity increases, since resin is a most powerful antiseptic. The blood shows an increase in the content of phagocytes, which destroy viruses, parasites, and foreign pathogens. The result is the release of the energy potential that previously protected the life of these bacteria and parasites. All the glands and organs of our body begin to work more intensively and more effectively.

Further, the cells of all the body's tissues begin to regenerate, that is, there is a cleansing of all the old material (residue) that the cells could not get rid of earlier. At this moment, the exacerbation of some "old" internal disease is possible. For that reason, in this situation you need to get a sense of yourself: if you begin to feel extremely unwell, then the cleanse must be stopped and begun anew after a couple of months. The second time, the cleanse will proceed much more easily. During the cleanse, there will be a cleansing of the liver and blood vessels, which become more elastic, as a result of which for many people the self-regulation of blood pressure will be restored. There is a complete recovery from cholecystitis, colitis, enterocolitis, hepatitis, gastritis, and ulcers of the stomach and intestine, the microflora of the intestine is restored, and regulation of the metabolism occurs. The general tonus increases, and the person's energy becomes greater.

The sole condition for the effectiveness of the "Siberian cleanse" is this: it is essential to consume more fresh food of plant origin and to lower, preferably to omit entirely the consumption of food from slaughtered animals. When discarding residues, cells should instead receive healthy and pure materials for their renewal and new development. And then, with the aim of the complete improvement of the body, you are entirely able to tolerate two months without the consumption of meat. Whether you allow your body to continue to suffer all depends on how much you truly love yourself.


The first day, early in the morning on an empty stomach, take 5 grams (1 teaspoon) of cedar resin, following which you must not eat or drink for 30 minutes. If you cannot tolerate the bitter taste, you can take it with water. Over the course of ten days, increase the quantity of cedar resin to 15 grams (1 tablespoon) as follows: during the first three days take 5 grams daily, during the second three days take 10 grams (2 teaspoons) daily, and during the remaining four days take 15 grams each morning 30 minutes before eating.

During the next 10 days, take 1 tablespoon of cedar resin with cedar nut oil in the morning 30 minutes before eating, and 1 tablespoon at lunchtime, 30 minutes before eating. During the following 10 days, take 1 tablespoon of cedar resin with cedar nut oil in the morning 30 minutes before eating, 1 tablespoon at lunchtime, 30 minutes before eating, and 1 tablespoon at suppertime, 30 minutes before eating.

After thirty days, the first half of the course of treatment has been completed. During the next thirty days, take cedar resin with cedar nut oil, reducing the dose. In the first ten days of the second half of the course of treatment, take 2 tablespoons of cedar resin with cedar nut oil per day, 1 tablespoon in the morning and 1 tablespoon at lunchtime. In the next ten days take 1 tablespoon of cedar resin with cedar nut oil in the morning 30 minutes before eating.

During the final ten days, for four days take 1 tablespoon of cedar resin with cedar nut oil in the morning 30 minutes before eating, in the next three days take 2 teaspoons in the morning 30 minutes before eating, and during the final three days take 1 teaspoon in the morning 30 minutes before eating.

In total, the course of treatment is 60 days in duration. The dosage is calculated for a person of average build.

In order to consolidate the results, the course of treatment may be repeated in two months. It is recommended to take the treatment twice a year, in the autumn and spring.

Baths and Soaks

Siberian Cedar Cone

Haven't you ever wondered why Russian beauties are always so ravishing and amazing? You see, this is all because their grandmothers and grandfathers, great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers constantly bathed in rivers and lakes that contained all the dissolved substances that were beneficial for their health and beauty: minerals brought by springs from secret caves; rains that bring ozone and free oxygen from the upper layers of the atmosphere; pollen, petals, and flowerheads that fall into the water from an infinite number of various flowers and plants; and the fruit, leaves, branches, and trunks of mighty trees, which have absorbed an enormous quantity of energy over many years.

Today, nothing prevents us from arranging, even on a daily basis, exactly the same type of bathing for ourselves, for our loved one, and from the bath obtaining an unbelievable return in energy, the strength that good health brings, and a ton of delightful pleasure when your body begins to transform itself into a song of amazing beauty....

Run a full bath of warm water (38-40C). Add 15-30 grams (2 tablespoons) of 3% turpentine balsam. Mix it throughout the water, and immerse your divine body into this artificial cedar lake. If you feel a chill, make the water warmer, but do not get carried away -- the bath should be pleasant and comfortable, but not hot. The most important thing is that you should not be cold. If for some reason you cannot take a bath, you can make a bath like this only for your legs. Only in this case, it is essential to make the water cooler, 34-35C. Nothing prevents you from using other salts or herbs together with the turpentine balsam. This will only intensify the effect.

When preparing a steam bath for the face, add 1 tablespoon of 3% turpentine balsam to the hot water. Cover your head with a thick towel and take the bath for 5 to 7 minutes. Be sure to close your eyes!

A bath has a wonderful therapeutic effect in insomnia, increased nervous excitability, as well as in skin diseases, abscesses, gout, rheumatism, sciatica, acute respiratory diseases, asthma, and lung diseases. A bath tones and strengthens the heart and nervous system, assists in the restoration of strength in recovering patients. A bath can also be used by healthy people as a means of maintaining their forces.

Facial Skin Care

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Cedar nut oil prevents the loss of moisture by the skin and strengthens the natural lipid barrier. Resin accelerates and restores the function of intercellular interaction and accelerates cellular metabolism tenfold. Both of these cedar components are perfectly absorbed by the skin, do not provoke allergic reactions, and because of this, turpentine balsam may be used by children and people with sensitive skin. Balsam supplies the skin with energy, the life force, and "building blocks" in the form of vitamins. The skin is restored and becomes smooth, soft, supple, and pleasant to the touch. And the face acquires a tender, natural blush.

By the way, for your information: for many who dream of an instantaneous result from these preparations or others, turpentine balsam provides an effect in the form of a pleasant warmth practically immediately, and the feeling of having a "new face" after even two to three procedures! And note, completely naturally -- without chemicals or any other artificial garbage!

Cedar balsam is also very simple to use: it is sufficient to wash your face well and, with circular movements, rub several drops of 3% turpentine into the skin until it is fully absorbed. This procedure may be done in the evening, for the night. What is even better is in the morning, to provide your skin with natural protection for the entire day!

Once a week, on Saturday, for example, a mask may be done for the face: take a handful of peeled cedar nuts, grind them to the consistency of a paste, add 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of 3% turpentine balsam and mix. Using circular motions, place a small quantity on your face and let it dry for 4 to 5 minutes, wipe it off with a tissue and rinse your face by splashing water on it (from 30 to 50 times). If you do not have cedar nuts on hand, then turpentine balsam should be applied to clean skin according to the standard cosmetic routine in the form of warm oil compresses on the area of the neck and face for 5 to 7 minutes, two to three times a week. Even after two to three procedures you will feel the effect from the application of the cedar balsam.

Delicate and Seductive Lips

The lips are one of the most expressive features of the face. Velvety lips emphasize the uniqueness of a smile and the enigmatic nature of a look. The lips are extremely sensitive, thanks to their great number of nerve endings. They have no sebaceous glands or melanin, and the epidermis in the tissues of the lips is extremely thin, and has an incomplete set of layers. For these reasons, the lips have always been noted for their particular dryness and the pigmentation that is unusual for skin. Lips are vulnerable to seasonal changes in the weather, they are subject to a great deal of wear and tear in daily life: they actively participate in conversations and in the processes of eating and drinking. For lips to remain young, smooth, and glistening, they must be cared for daily. Each day, using a soft, moistened toothbrush, massage your lips with circular motions for a minute. This will increase their elasticity, and will also help to remove dried particles. Then rub 1 to 2 drops of 3% turpentine balsam into your lips. Once a week, apply a layer of a mixture of honey with 3% turpentine balsam (1:1) to your lips, and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Then the mixture may be either washed off with water, or simply "eaten," since honey and 3% turpentine is very good for the health. Rich in vitamins A and E, turpentine balsam prevents peeling and the appearance of fine cracks in the lips, spares them from the "chewed areas" in the corners of the mouth. In moistening the lips, balsam makes them soft, natural, and attractive. Turpentine does not present an obstacle for esthetic cosmetics. It is fully absorbed into the lips over 5 to 10 minutes, and you can freely apply lipstick, it will not smear and will not begin to run.

N. Filimonova Ph. D.
Used by permission.

Our Unique Production Technique:

Pine Nut Sheller
This equipment and method of shelling Siberian Pine Nuts brings the difference in the quality of "RINGING CEDARS OF RUSSIA" Siberian Pine Kernels and Siberian Pine Nut Oil

Pine Nut Oil Press
This equipment and method of pressing Siberian Pine Nuts brings the difference in the quality of "RINGING CEDARS OF RUSSIA" Siberian Pine Nut Oil

The brand name "THE RINGING CEDARS OF RUSSIA" stands for business integrity, decency and the highest possible quality of product. All products marketed under this brand name convey the primordial power of Nature and the warmth of our hearts. We offer:

A variety of high-quality cedar products, including cedar nuts and cedar nut oil.

Huge plantations of cedar trees grow in the Siberian taiga, said to be the ecologically purest area of the world. The virgin forest of the taiga has never been treated with any chemicals or artificial fertilisation, nor abused by agricultural machines.

Cedar nuts (the seeds of the cedar tree) take two years to mature, during which time the tree accumulates a huge volume of positive cosmic energy. Crops of nuts are harvested manually by people lovingly devoted to this task, working in a pleasant environment without undue haste to create unique products full of positive energy reflecting the infinite powers of Nature. Specific preparations include:

We pick only cedar cones which fall naturally from the trees, thus ensuring that only ripe cones are selected. We always avoid hitting the trees to shake unripe cedar cones down (as happens with some other commercial operations) -- a practice which causes the nuts to lose their healing power.

Cones are then manually shelled with the help of wooden shell-removers. Nut centres are separated from their shells using wooden rollers.

Cedar nut oil and cedar nut flour marketed under our brand name are obtained by the cold-pressure method, using manual wooden oil-presses.

Cedar nut oil is then stored in special containers and packed in a small village near Novosibirsk by name "Kandayrovo" using unique technology to avoid any contact with metal. The whole process is strictly supervised to ensure it complies with all sanitary requirements.

Final products are placed in special packaging to prevent daylight penetration, and stored at a temperature of 0C to +5C to better preserve the product's natural components. The resulting product is a bright gold-coloured liquid with the pleasant smell of cedar nuts. It is a 100% natural product with strong healing powers.


Siberian Pine nuts (cedar nuts) contain about 60% oil. They are therefore pressed to obtain Pine nut oil, which is available on the market as a very expensive gourmet cooking oil. Cold pressing in all-wooden presses is preferred to retain the nutritional properties of nuts and derive the oil of highest quality.

The Pine nut oil bearing "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" brand comes exclusively from wild-harvested Siberian Pine nuts - one of the most nutritious Pine nuts in the world. In comparison, other Pine nut oils are usually pressed from the Italian pignolia Pine nuts, which are not nearly as potent and are often harvested from trees growing in plantations. Our Siberian Pine nut oil is extra virgin (100% cold pressed from freshly shelled raw Siberian Pine nuts), whereas most Pine nut oils on the market are either not cold pressed or even pressed from roasted (!) Pine nuts, which significantly decreases the oil value. Finally, "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" Siberian Pine nut oil is the only one which is available on the market anywhere in the world pressed with wooden presses in accordance with traditional techniques described in Vladimir Megre's life-changing book "The Ringing Cedars of Russia". In contrast, all other Pine nut oils are pressed using steel presses, which immediately degrades them (contact with steel oxidizes some of the Pine nut oil's most important ingredients such as vitamins, and is known to remove the 'life force' from the oil).

Pine nut oil has also traditionally been used in ancient Russian and European natural medicine to cure a wide array of ailments - ingested (decreasing blood pressure, boosting immune system resistance, etc.) or applied externally (a range of dermatological disorders). It is also used in expensive cosmetics.

Pine nut oil contains pinolenic acid, a polyunsaturated fatty acid, and is marketed in the U.S. as a means stimulate cell proliferation, prevent hypertension, decrease blood lipid and blood sugar, and inhibit allergic reactions.


Patatosalata: Greek Potato Salad with Pine Nut Oil

Lemon is a Greek favorite with potatoes, and this quick and easy potato salad relies on lemon to give it a touch of sharpness that goes so well with many main dishes. With whatever else is on the table, have some feta cheese nearby since potatoes and feta are a taste treat.
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
5-6 medium-large potatoes
3/4 cup of extra virgin pine nut oil
1/3 cup of lemon juice
3 cloves of garlic, crushed
1 large white onion
sea salt
fresh ground pepper
1/4 cup of chopped fresh parsley

Cut the onion into thin slices, then cut slices in half.

Peel the potatoes, cut into large bite-sized chunks of approximately the same size, and rinse well. Add potatoes to a pot of cold water to cover by 1 1/2 inches, bring to a boil, and boil at medium-high heat. Test after 15 minutes for doneness - they should be easily pierced with a fork. Remove when done, drain, and place in a serving bowl or dish. Add onions and toss.

To make the dressing, in a small bowl, combine pine nut oil, lemon juice, garlic, salt, and pepper with a whisk.

Serve warm, at room temperature or chilled. When ready to serve, pour on the dressing, toss, and sprinkle with parsley.

Yield: serves 6

For Educational purposes only
This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
These articles come directly from researchers and are passed on to everybody. The company assumes no liability for any content in these articles.

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Happy Holidays!

Holiday Season is here! You need to buy numerous gifts?
Prepare to save with us!
Make this Holiday Season a memorable one with one of our exclusive holiday gift sets which brings the strength of Siberian health to your family and friends.
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Essential Oils of the Siberian Cedar

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The oil from cedar nuts is being extracted for a long time in the Ural Mountains and Siberia. Our ancestors ate cedar nut oil and used it for medical purposes since the ancient times. In XIX century cedar nut oil could be bought on any Siberian market. It has been home-made with the use of only the simplest machinery. It has a soft taste, gold-and-amber color, and a wonderful smell of nuts.

In old Russian folk medicine consider that Siberian cedar nut oil eliminates a chronic weakness syndrome, increases overall strength of an organism, physical and brain activities. Siberian cedar nut oil taken regularly improves immune system. Any vegetative oil can be substituted by Siberian cedar nut oil, but nothing can fully substitute cedar nut oil. It can also be used as a facial night cream for returning a natural beauty of the skin.


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The oil from cedar nuts is being extracted for a long time in the Ural Mountains and Siberia. Our ancestors ate cedar nut oil and used it for medical purposes since the ancient times. In XIX century cedar nut oil could be bought on any Siberian market. It has been home-made with the use of only the simplest machinery. It has a soft taste, gold-and-amber color, and a wonderful smell of nuts.

In old Russian folk medicine consider that Siberian cedar nut oil eliminates a chronic weakness syndrome, increases overall strength of an organism, physical and brain activities. Siberian cedar nut oil taken regularly improves immune system. Any vegetative oil can be substituted by Siberian cedar nut oil, but nothing can fully substitute cedar nut oil. It can also be used as a facial night cream for returning a natural beauty of the skin.


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The Gift Set includes: Siberian Cedar Nut Oil with Siberian Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil Extract, Siberian Cedar Nut Oil with Siberian Cedar Resin Oil Extract, Siberian Cedar Nut Oil with Whole Rose Hip Oil Extract, Siberian Cedar Nut Oil with Hawthorn Berry Oil Extract, and one Extra bottle of Cedar Nut Oil FREE! Please go to our store for more information.

The oil from cedar nuts is being extracted for a long time in the Ural Mountains and Siberia. Our ancestors ate cedar nut oil and used it for medical purposes since the ancient times. In XIX century cedar nut oil could be bought on any Siberian market. It has been home-made with the use of only the simplest machinery. It has a soft taste, gold-and-amber color, and a wonderful smell of nuts.

In old Russian folk medicine consider that Siberian cedar nut oil eliminates a chronic weakness syndrome, increases overall strength of an organism, physical and brain activities. Siberian cedar nut oil taken regularly improves immune system. Any vegetative oil can be substituted by Siberian cedar nut oil, but nothing can fully substitute cedar nut oil. It can also be used as a facial night cream for returning a natural beauty of the skin.

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Reading the books to my daughter and she loves it! Helps her fall asleep in the night to something truly meaningful! :)



* * *

I've read all nine books in one breath. Looking to start a reader's club in my area to create an eco village.

Peter Stephenson
Boulder, Colorado, USA

* * *

Is Mr. Merge writing another book? Can't wait for the continuation of the story!

Isabella H


I started using your cremes two weeks ago and I really feel the difference. They leave the skin soft to touch, and I feel they help me with the wrinkles. My favourite is Night Time Facial.

Florida, USA

* * *

I am amaized! Your Age Ideal cream is helping control my acne! I have tried so many products out on the market and I like your creme the best.

Jennifer C.

* * *

Although the Cedar Resin Extract is a bit strong, I feel it is the most beneficial of all the Cedar Oils you have in your sellection. I use it internally once a day in the morning and it gives me energy through the whole day. All the best!

Igor B
New York, NY


I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service. Very quick, neat delivery and the best quality products. Thanks so much :)

Dana W

* * *

A representative of your company contacted me with an issue on my order. He was very pleasant and polite and answered all my questions. My issue was resolved very fast and my product arrived shortly.

Thank you very much for your kindness.


Margaret, England

* * *

I am very grateful to you Vladimir, Anastasia and all the people who have ensured these books and their message reach out across the globe - especially I am eternally grateful to our divine father for his tremendous grace, patience and love.

Much love
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History of Aromatherapy

For millenniums humanity has been discovering mysterious properties of plants. Knowledge obtained through experiments and researches and its systematization resulted in a new science - Aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is an art of healing by means of plant aromas. Aromatherapy emerged long before it was thought as a science. Have you noticed how easily you breathe when you are walking in a forest? How nice it is to feel piny wood scent and redolence of green pine needles and resin! This is a natural aromatherapy.

According to the first manuscripts with fragrance recipes aromatherapy has been used for 6000 years! In Egypt the use of aromatherapy is confirmed by earthenware tablets that described embalming process by means of aromatics.

Ancient people perfectly understood aromatic and therapeutic properties of plants. Contemporary civilization just begins to uncover the value of aromatherapy hidden treasures.

In the ancient times aromatic, antiseptic, antimicrobial and wound-healing properties of essential-oil plants were known and widely used from Babylon and Persia to India and China. In the old medical texts of these countries, written around 3000 years ago, many herbs and their utilization were described. Plants whose aromas were able to impact on consciousness were burned during religious ceremonies.

The resins that were used for incense were highly therapeutic; they influenced on respiratory system and immersed priests into meditative state. Egyptians applied fragrances from perfumery and cosmetics to medicine and mummification. Some perfume jars still smell with fragrance that was kept there 3200 years ago. Also Egyptians used aromas for skin care, washing clothes, added them into vine and food. Frankincense oil used to be burned in honor of Egyptian God Ra, it also was a great component in skin care recipes. Cedar and Myrrh oils were used for embalming. As it turned out essential oils of cedar and myrrh contained elements with strong prophylactic and antiseptic properties, which allowed mummies be preserved for a very long time. Egyptians acquired a reputation of perfume experts; however, they were not familiar with essential oil extraction methods and used only infusions and ointments.

Greeks continued researches in aromatherapy. They found new uses for essential oils in medicine. Ancient thinker and pharmacologist Pedanius Dioscorides wrote a book about healing with herbs "De Materia Medica". This book had been very popular in Europe for 12 centuries. Many recipes offered in this book are still useful today. Another Greek physician Hippocrates - the founder of contemporary scientific medicine composed a work where 236 plants and their medical use were described. Reflecting Greek philosophy of his time, Hippocrates approached patient as a unified whole and as a part of nature. He believed that plants contain medical elements in optimal combination and thus they heal better when unprocessed or as natural juices.

Romans based their knowledge on Greeks' aromatherapy achievements. Their innovation was in bringing aromatic plants and ingredients from Aravia and Eastern India. With new plants more deceases could be cured. Romans paid a lot of attention to the aromatic properties of plants. In antique Rome and Greece perfumery with floral scents was booming, the essential oils were widely used in steam baths as a daily ritual. Many Greek doctors served in Roman army and carried their aromatherapy knowledge through different countries. Ancient Greek philosophers believed that essential oils were given to people by Olympus Gods as a means of supreme light, awakening love.

After the collapse of Roman Empire, Arabic perfumers improved aromatherapy knowledge. They were the first who applied steam distillation for extracting essential oil from rose petals. This invention is believed to belong to Avicenna, philosopher and a physician of Middle East. He described more than 800 medical means that were mostly of botanical origin. In his book "The Canon of Medicine" he described steam distillation method which is used nowadays as well.

European aromatherapy was developing in medieval times. During crusades Arabic fragrances were spread over entire Europe. Plant's medical properties were intensively studied at the times of pestilence spread. Branches of lavender and cypress were burned on the streets. It was the only protection against Black Death that people knew.

In the ninetieth century with the development of synthetic pharmacology the importance of aromatherapy began to decrease. However, when it was noticed that synthetic products caused multiple complications the interest in aromatherapy arose again.

In 1930, French scientist-chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse put into practice a term of Aromatherapy. His family owned a perfumery fabric, and, according to the legend, Maurice, working in a laboratory, burned his hand badly. By reflex, he dipped his hand into lavender oil that was standing by. Later he was so amazed watching mystical recovery and disappearance of scars on his hand. As a result he dedicated his live to researches about essential oil cosmetic and dermatological properties.

French physician Jean Valnet significantly expanded uses of aromatherapy. He was using essential oils for disinfection of wounds and for internal organs spasms relieving. In 1964 he published a book "Practice of Aromatherapy" triggering the aromatherapy practice in Europe. Homeopathic clinics, practicing aromatherapy were build in Paris, Sveden and England where obvious rejuvenation properties of essential oils were studied.

Contemporary aromatherapy is first of all a prophylactic and healthful method of maintaining good psycho-emotional and physical fitness. It is a therapy that relieves everyday stress and prevents development of infirmity. In Canada, US, Europe and Japan thousands of aromatherapy clinics operate, aromatherapy books are published and scientific laboratories are working, continuing the tradition of aromatherapy use.

With the growing popularity of aromatherapy many people get familiarized with therapeutic properties of essential oils and start using them at home on a daily basis.

On the current market the world leading Essential Oil company is Young Living Essential Oils. Young Living's line of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils and essential oil blends are sourced from the world's finest plants. They are not diluted with chemical and synthetic additives and are carefully prepared to maintain plant integrity. This commitment to purity makes Young Living products the world's highest-quality essential oil line.

Part of the proceeds go to the creation of an Eco-Village.
Used by permission

For Educational purposes only
This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
These articles come directly from researchers and are passed on to everybody. The company assumes no liability for any content in these articles.

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Message submitted from: Radha Theresa,

Address: 83 Cassilis St Coonabarabran NSW Australia Phone number: 0268424778
Title: Vedruss Kins Oasis
User classifieds ad:
Calling Vedruss! A Kin's Village is called into being in Coonabarabran, Australia. If you feel called to participate, please email Radha or Chris for more details -


The Anastasia Eco-settlement project has found its home in North America on Sacred Motherland!

Many great thanks to all of you who contributed to this success and to many who have supported this dream and vision with your love from near & far.

Shambhala-Shasta community has taken back 466 acres of prestine motherland. Free and clear. No debt. No Encumbrances. No liens. Free and clear!!!

To freedom, independance and sovereignty!!!

The community will steadily grow out from here as we are bordered on the east and north by national forests.

More to come soon after our visit to our motherland in the next few days.

We have several settlers who have begun the intake process and purchased their domains. If you are ready and feel the beat in your heart, come and join!!!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

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We value your work greatly and consider publication activity one of the highest priorities.

Please send your works of art, poems, songs, and paintings, inspired by the books of Vladimir Megre to the following address with a subject "Art" . Best ones will be published in "The Earth" Newspaper. Also, you can open a thread in the ART OF SOUL section of the forum devoted to readers of Vladimir Megre, at and publish your works.

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