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This section is devoted to the information that will be useful in the creation of a Kin's Domains.

1. Children's Upbringing and Education:

2. Meaning of Food in Our Lives

3. Health, Natural Methods of Health Improvement

4. Ecological Farming, Permaculture

5. Green Construction, Eco-friendly Technologies


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News from Kovcheg Settlement

Putin has signed the decree regarding the establishment of the settlement of Kovcheg as a new populated area.

Decree No. 684 of the Government of the Russian Federation of 20 August 2009, Moscow, Respecting the assignment of names to geographical sites in Kaluga and Kostroma Oblasts

* Published on 25 August 2009
* Comes into force on 2 September 2009

Pursuant to the Federal statute Respecting the names of geographical sites, the Government of the Russian Federation decrees:

On the basis of the submissions:

of the Legislative Assembly of Kaluga Oblast, to assign the name of "Kovcheg" to a village created in Maloyaroslavets District of Kaluga Oblast;
of the Kostroma Oblast Parliament, to assign the name of "Levino" to a village created in Sudislavl Municipal Region of Kostroma Oblast.

Chairman of the Government
of the Russian Federation
V. Putin

* * *
Putin has signed the degree respecting our populated area:

Whatever documents you like may be collected at the oblast level, but the entire registration process will remain at a standstill until Putin signs the decree assigning the name. This happened for us just recently.

We feel the positive changes already. In particular, the charge for electricity has noticeably decreased (from 2.5 rubles to 1.5 rubles per kilowatt). In addition, the forestry service itself proposed drawing up documents for the procurement of firewood (previously this was a real epic: they were not supposed to assign parcels for clearing the forest of firewood for the residents of other cities and districts, now they are required to do so), and it has become simpler to speak with officials. In addition, now it will be prohibited to hunt in a kilometre-wide zone around the settlement (we had problems with that), and in the forest it will be possible to set up a kilometre-wide zone of protected forests in accordance with federal legislation.

Putin's signature was the last on a pile of several scores of documents that we collected over seven years.

The overwhelming majority of the documents were collected in the first three years, and then they made us wait for a very long time at the oblast level, and only when more than 120 persons began to live in the settlement, and a crowd of people came out to greet the deputies of the oblast parliament who had shown up on one fine day, did the matter begin to move (they began to believe that this was not a dream, and people really wanted to move out onto the land). It turned out to be extremely complicated to explain to the deputies in a language and terms they understood why we wanted to live on the land. Nevertheless, in the end, we convinced them.

We waited for Putin's signature for seven months. Just recently our waiting came to an end!

A Brief Description of the Kovcheg Ecovillage

The idea behind the creation of Kovcheg was born of present day civilization. We live in a society that is stupidly wasting our natural resources through the senseless destruction of the environment. For future generations it is necessary to change the direction of our growth and progress to something that is ecologically sound. Our settlement is based on family owned land where each family owns one hectare of land to be kept in the family for generations. One hectare with woods, fruit trees, garden and a small pond can provide the family with all of life's necessities. By using long ignored methods of cultivating the earth and harvesting in the context of preserving the earth for future generations, this hectare of land will produce enough for the family's use with surplus. Besides agriculture, every community can develop crafts that can provide for the people's needs for manufactured goods. The majority of people spend about 10 hours daily earning the money to buy two kilograms of food and for housing. This accounts for practically all of their useful time for life. With the use of "adobe" methods and/or timber, a person can build for himself inexpensive and practical housing of much better quality than that built by modern methods. Food grown in the garden is healthier and tastier than that purchased at the store. A person can much more efficiently satisfy his needs and spend the tremendous resource of extra time exploring the arts, pursuing invention and on self improvement. The general implementation of these ideas can lead to significant improvements in health, reduction in crime, strengthening of family relations and harmonious self development. This would decrease technology related catastrophes and create a drastic reduction in the exhaustion of natural resources for industrial production, and even the reduction of travel expenses and refocus the expenditure of energy from manufacturing, to rebuilding the environment.


Translation Copyright http://www.ringingcedarsofrussia.org/

In harmony with nature

Ilya Kucherov: "Come, take a look, and stay with us"

Gorod Solntsa [City of the Sun] is the first ecological settlement to appear in the Amur region.

People want to move from the city and live a natural life in harmony with nature, to create a healthy society, where every person will find himself in the pursuit of his favourite occupation, to return to the tradition of strong families and neighborly relationships, to raise their children on the basis of humane educational principles.

A group of like-minded persons has joined together to create the ecological settlement Gorod Solntsa in the Amur region.

One of the initiators of the project is Ilya Kucherov, the General Director of the Delo Kucherovykh Limited Company in Mazanovsky District. The company, which produces exclusive wooden furniture and decorative materials, and is involved in the construction of cottages, is well known in the Amur region and far beyond the borders of the oblast. In the 15 years of the existence of the family business, an entire settlement has grown up one and a half kilometres from the village of Krasnoyarova: there are production areas, and also workers' houses, a grocery store and café, they have their own beach and recreation centre. It may be that the future residents of the Gorod Solntsa ecovillage will also settle on this land.

"The village is dying, only old people are staying to live on the land, while the young people are leaving for the city," says Ilya Kucherov. "They are looking for something, but you know, here it is: the land. We have beautiful areas. The city of Zeya is nearby, we have our own recreation centre. We want to revive the village, develop our culture, build accessible housing for young people. We have big plans."

The ecological settlement as a concept entered our lives about 15 to 20 years ago. The modern eco-settlement is a way of life in which the achievements of technical progress harmonize with the natural processes of the world around us and a caring attitude to the land and to everything that dwells on it. The first eco-settlements in Russia had already appeared in the beginning of the 1990s.

In the Amur region, the action group that is dreaming of creating a new society is, for the time being, not very big. It includes people of various ages and occupations: businessmen and programmers, teachers and musicians, students and office workers.

"During a crisis, people begin to realize that the truly important things are the family, home, children," says Aleksey Krivetskiy of the city of Blagoveshchensk, a friend of Ilya Kucherov and like-minded thinker. "In addition, the creation of an eco-settlement in a crisis is economically well-founded: the land will always provide food, and there will be a real opportunity to solve the housing problem. We have a production base, we can help a family with building materials, we can offer work."

City life makes people indifferent to each other's problems, makes them disconnected, believes Aleksey. Life on earth and involvement in a common cause can unite us. The young people's plans are to build a guest house in the village where the Kucherovs live so new people can come to their land, become acquainted with the style of their way of life and living. And stay on!

Our plans include

The creation of a professional-technical college to teach folk trades, carpentry, wood carving:

- teach young people, train personnel;
- teach on the basis of the active woodworking company;
- educate in the spirit of a healthy way of life.

The creation of a children's creativity centre to teach various forms of applied decorative art:

- develop creativity and imagination in children;
- teach the spiritual qualities of personality;
- acquire skills for working.

The creation of a cultural centre:

- organize the leisure time of the residents of the village and neighboring populated areas;
- put on cultural events.

We invite everyone to join our common creative endeavor!

Possible directions for work:

- nature tourism, recreation centre;
- education (general educational school on the basis of humane educational principles, conducting educational seminars and summer camps for children and adults);
- vegetable growing, animal husbandry, fish breeding;
- beekeeping;
- manufacture of souvenirs;
- information technologies.

Ekaterina Smetanina


Translation Copyright http://www.ringingcedarsofrussia.org/

Kin's domains have begun to be created in Belarus

Our Settlers

The ecological settlement Rosy, located 50 kilometres from Minsk, is not just a village. Or a collective farm settlement. Or just a score of farmsteads united under a single name. Rosy appeared three years ago. Now, out of the 35 parcels of land allotted for the village, 30 have been bought up. Kin's domains are being created. The landowners, accordingly, will have to live on them....

"I want to be a landowner"

Aleksandr, one of the first inhabitants of Rosy, came to meet me by car in the village of Padnevichi (not far from the town of Rakov). The villages in these areas stand shoulder to shoulder. Some are fairly animated, others are gradually dying out, accompanied by the clink of empty bottles and the quiet crackle of pensioners' coupons. And so, in the village located just opposite the eco-settlement, only three homesteads remain....

"There are already about 50 persons in Rosy, and 10 households already stay throughout the winter," says Aleksandr, as we cut through the gravel along the village extending along our right. "We are planning that with time Rosy will expand, houses will appear on the other side of the road. In general, the ideal size of this type of settlement is 100 households, that is, approximately 300 persons. Then we will need a school.... But for the time being we are coming to an agreement with the local authorities about the names of the streets."

Children are being born on the domains (already seven for all of Rosy). While the people arriving from the city are bundling themselves up in wool sweaters, the village toddlers are running around barefoot and splashing in the local ponds. They more resemble children from Japanese families: they eat while walking, sleep when they are tired, go wherever their fancy takes them. That cunning system of force and restrictions known as "childrearing" has been replaced by respect and trust.

It appears that the rapidly degenerating institution of the family is here getting a second wind. No one knows whether the same thing will not happen to this rising generation that happened to the offspring of the families of the "flower children" or Tolstoyans -- the parent's exotic life-style obviously went down the wrong way. But for the time being this parental trend exudes freshness and novelty. An ancestral tree grows on a kin's domain, on a shelf is the ancestral book, with a detailed chronicle of the family. When you have soil beneath your feet, it is simpler to turn to your roots. For the inhabitants of Minsk, probably about 90% are first- or second-generation city dwellers, this is especially topical.

Eco-friendly business

In Rosy it is no secret that great hopes are placed on the idea that the land will allow them not simply to live a healthy life, but also to make money:

"The money should come rolling in all by itself," says Aleksandr. "Large kin's domains are already creating their own trademarks, and there is commerce everywhere. When we have sufficient volumes, we shall also reach that stage. Moreover, we are thinking of setting our prices several times higher in order to make a name for our products. In Europe a system exists for the certification of ecological products. A certified farmer may sell vegetables and fruits at a higher price. It goes without saying that this places a number of restrictions on him: for example, he does not have the right to use chemical fertilizers. This system is slowly but surely coming here as well. In practice, it turns out that, as far as taste goes, these ecological products differ very little from the standard products. The point here is in the brand, the label. And products grown on kin's domains will qualitatively differ: you will be able to distinguish them simply by taste."


Translation Copyright http://www.ringingcedarsofrussia.org/

Welcome to
SPACE of LOVE Magazine!

Fourth Issue is out!

Many of us agree that our planet and world are in profound transition - facing a turning point in human history. Some say that we as a people have had this same chance many times before in our near and far history. Each time, so history shows, humanity sank back once more, en mass, into the same spiritual sleep. But once more, we are also closer than ever to be able to turn this planet into the paradise it was meant to be.

At this time on Earth, more people than ever are committed to awaken and to stay awake even as a large percentage of the world's beautiful people are being hypnotized and mass-manipulated out of their divine powers by only a few dark minds. We seem to have forgotten our most inviolable power, to love each other and co-create this beautiful Earth as a Space of Love, the metaphorical and literal paradise-like garden it was meant to be.

We were inspired to create this magazine by the incredible wisdom and vision of a young, beautiful recluse living in the wild of the Siberian Taiga, Anastasia, and a courageous author, Vladimir Megre. He has recorded her amazing, encouraging story and wisdom for us in a series of ten books, and eleven million best-selling copies, translated into over twenty of the world's languages.

We create and write through this meeting place, this Space of Love, for those of us who are ready to help transform and see this planet as the luscious paradise it was meant to be. Anastasia envisions and holds for us a foreseeable future where every man, woman, child and animal can eat and live in peace and harmony.

Our mandate is to share writings and ideas which help us transfer this inspiring vision into joyful lives all over the world.

* * * * *

SOL magazine is published through the efforts of a few devoted people. As a publication unsupported by commercial interest, we will not offer advertising from corporate-controlled media. Therefore we hope and rely upon your help in promoting SOL Magazine. Word of mouth is our main means of promoting and our readers are our best advertisers. So if you find this Space of Love Magazine insightful, Informative and interesting, please tell a friend. Better still, purchase a copy and give it to a friend or loved one, who just may discover a completely new world - the world of consciously living in their own Space of Love.

Now Space of Love Magazine is available to purchase in USA, Canada, and Europe, in our store at www.RingingCedarsofRussia.org! Good Source for promotion of the ideas of the Ringing Cedars Movement.

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Poetry, art, music, photography and anything else that flows from the heart.

Baby Eyes

Beloved daughter conceived under a bright night filled sky,
With hand in air I sweep the skies collecting every star,
Placing them on seed filled womb and we sigh, daughter and I,
For how happy He makes His creations, how dear to Him they are.
And I sing, I sing for the Baby Eyes I will soon see,
The birds chorus in on Love's inspired melody,
With every breath the fragrant flowers of my Space so free,
I breath and exhale Love as I dream of my daughter to be.
I feel her stir within me, how can this be?
For smaller than a wee seed is she.
Yet I feel her, a presence greater than Life,
O' Joy! Beloved creation knowing no strife.
Do you see your father there, deep in thought?
Tears streaming his cheeks for in Love's web he is caught.
He is Man and I his eternal beloved and in our Love you came to be,
And on this earthly plane so fair my love you too will see,
The Love of a True Man as it was always meant to be.
Listen to the rustle of the leaves dear one,
The winds that whistle the Father's tune,
It is all for you for He has made it so and I as His beloved creation,
Give it to you to enjoy in moment so soon.
O' look daughter dear! Just look at what He has given us!
Look with that heart so fine and rare,
Able to repair all in despair,
O' how you will grace these lands so fair!

Liubomila at RingingCedarsForums.com


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Forum Talk

Posted by Davinder in a topic old life to new life transition. Join the discussion of this topic here:

Has anyone here noticed a growing impatient feeling to start a new life using Anastasia's suggestions? I'm a student at UC Merced, and am finally doing what I've always wanted to do in high school: study as much physics as possible to understand how the world works physically as much as I can. I've been to a community college for a few years, including during high school, and have finally gotten into a university to finish my degree... Unfortunately, now that I am here and have already spent 10K on tuition and living expenses and such, I find, after having read only the first of Anastasia's books, that I can no longer stand staying here to accomplish what I always dreamed of. In fact, the longer I spend time here at the university, the larger the feeling gets to get out of here. University is not what I thought it would be. This summer I will be heading to west virginia, to take one step towards making my new dreams of establishing a new life possible. Since I have already spent 1.5K on tuition with money that isn't yet mine, I feel that I need to finish off this semester properly.

Does anyone else get this wrenching feeling that is trying very hard to pull you away from something you've always wanted to do, to something new involving the new ideas we're reading about? Please do respond! I am desperate to hear what other people are experiencing. Thanks!


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This section is devoted to the information that will be useful in the creation of a Kin's Domains.

Amber Hartnell on Concious Parenting

Watch Video
Please excuse the sound quality of this video.

Conscious Parenting

by Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova

In 1982 when I got involved with the idea of conscious parenting education. I was a young drama actress, playing in the theater in Moscow. The more I learned about it, the more I wanted to be involved. It started when I was invited to my friend's birth. She gave birth in her apartment in a tank full of water. This experience of being present at a birth shook all my being and changed my life. I witnessed how this event turned into the peak of people's total trust, their togetherness, closeness. They both were in the water. He was holding her like a chair, massaging and kissing her. She was silent as never before, very deep in meditation, with a divine expression on her face. When the baby emerged, not one muscle moved on their faces, but everybody else burst into tears of happiness. It was happiness in its divine essence, and this feeling was repeated for me at every birth I attended later.

The whole thing started from the idea of giving birth in the water, and developed later into a full, beautiful and intensive program of preparation during pregnancy, which starts even before the conception. It contains a variety of purification techniques and meditations for both partners. In nine months they gain enough self-confidence to deliver their baby at home by themselves, or maybe inviting a friend to help with the baby afterwards. This would be a decision of very mature souls, who are able to take full responsibility. Giving birth is such a basic thing in human life! I think that the new tradition of escaping from this responsibility is one of the major traps of our strange civilization.

Of course, this is not appropriate for everybody. I saw statistics published about people's reactions to learning that they have cancer. Sixty percent of these people start following their doctors religiously, doing exactly what the doctors ordered. Twenty percent give up right away and start preparing for death. Another twenty percent start looking for alternative ways to survive. The same statistics are true about expectant parents -- approximately twenty percent are interested in home birth.

Birth is a hologram. The quality of birth reflects the quality of the awareness that a woman has. The more conscious she is, the more conscious is the way she gives birth. It has nothing to do with college degrees, I mean intellectual education. In Russia I collected statistics about the midwife's way of giving birth. It was worse than in any other professional group. It has to do with being in tune with the inner self and the whole world living in peace. The main thing here is that the quality of birth depends on the couple's attitude -- how much responsibility they want to accept for the entire event.

Sometimes it is necessary to meet with the couple's parents to work out some tension. For example, a negative attitude of the mother toward the decision of her daughter to give birth in the water, or even simply to give birth, will create difficulties during the birthing process. Even if a woman and her partner didn't have enough consistency to clarify the psychic atmosphere during pregnancy, the birth itself is a great opportunity for clarification. A woman is able to dissolve many of her own blocks and limitations which otherwise could take her the rest of her life to resolve. If she consciously uses the tremendous energy of birthing available to her, she can accelerate this usually lengthy process. The first thing is not to be afraid. If for some reason the contractions become weaker and weaker, this is it! Divine moment! Ask yourself what is the reason why it's not going smoothly? And relax as deeply as you can and let the answer come into you consciousness The first thing that will come up on the surface of your memory will be the answer. It could be some situation when you hurt somebody or somebody hurt you, or a previous abortion, or a lie, or old unhealthy relationships that keep taking energy away.

Birth is a hologram of all your life. Whatever will come up is the subject of your undivided attention for the next few minutes. Recall this situation in all details, very emotionally. And then, forgive. Forgiveness is the key here. Forgive yourself and whomever is involved.

And ask them to forgive you. And the divine energy of birthing will give you at that moment enough power to turn the switch, to experience the liberating feeling of letting go of dead connections and all that grief that became a habit to carry around.

First time I witnessed a woman doing it, it brought tears to my eyes. The process that otherwise would take her years to go through, (she had so much grief in her heart) takes a few seconds at birth. It is an extremely concentrated few seconds. And then the birth went smoothly for a while until she hit the next wall. And she kept surfing those waves of strong emotions,recovering her attention in the situations from her past when she gave her power away and re-writing her life's script, untill she claimed all of her power back and had an amazing experience of profound grace as she birthed her baby!

The energy of a baby's emerging is available to women only a few times - even once in a lifetime, if it's an only child. It makes sense to fully experience it, to use it to accelerate spiritual growth. It is so powerful that involved people, if they are consciously facing this energy, are able to experience unknown levels of freedom and real happiness.

On the other side, if any of the participating people (her husband, midwife, doctor or her girlfriend,- whoever is present at birth) are unaware enough to turn their backs to this power, to ignore it, or if they had not dealt with their own birth trauma and struggle themselves with their own unconscious resentment to being in the body on our planet Earth, it may cause the opposite effect -- make them sick, emotionally and physically very tired and upset with all their life circumstances. And it will, in turn, affect the birthing field, bring the struggle and delay into it. Overall, the less people are present, the better.

To give birth or to witness it has been for me the great opportunity to get in touch with things I forgot about myself: with my ancient nature, my wild wilderness.

The pain is not an excuse to give away control of the process. There are ways of working and cooperating with pain. When you are not a victim, but an empowered participant, you use this pain as a purification tool. You take the sharp end of this pain and move it all over your body, burning up, as fire burns up hay, all negativity in every part of your body, fully concentrating on this cleansing. Then the pain doesn't hurt you. And after it is over, you will feel like a newborn. This technique is good for all kinds of pain, not only birth.

The work of American psychologist Stan Grof reports that 97 percent of 10,000 investigated criminals experienced a heavy birth trauma. Grof created theory about four prenatal matrixes. The most dramatic is the third matrix. This is when, during the birth process, the baby's head is kept for a long time under great pressure in the birth canal. According to Grof, this is the time when all the negativity of the future personality originates (fears, anger, aggression). The longer the head of the baby remains in this shocking pain, the more fixated this person will be on their fears. And fear creates anger.

Looking at our angry, uncivilized civilization, I thought why don't we try something different? For example, start with minimizing the birth trauma and making the birth process as short and joyful as possible.

Since I982 I have been able to watch the children whose parents were involved in the conscious birth movement in Russia. They are very healthy, smart, strong and natural leaders. But there is more: they don't have fear in their eyes. When I was a child I remember that all my playmates and I had a lot of big and small fears. And it never goes away without special effort. It shows. The great majority of people keep carrying our fears, that originated at birth and then grew up like a snow ball, supported by unconscious parents, and knowing no way to get rid of it. We hide behind keeping ourselves extremely busy or angry or doing drugs, continuing ignoring ourselves.

It is our duty as parents to set our selves free and protect our children from our patterns of behavior where actions and lifestyles are coming out of fear. Also, these children take good care of their parents. These families have few divorces. Needless to say, there is no child abuse and no unwanted pregnancies. Their life is full of joy! I personally think that being spiritual means to be able to enjoy life, I realized that we don't have to suffer! To enjoy doesn't mean that life should be easy. I mean, enjoy the process, remembering that it was one's Choice, whatever one is facing.

My dream is to create Schools of Conscious Parenting in every town. We need to provide our new generation with safe landing. We need to learn to be the kind of parents that can assure the surviving of our species. It starts even before conception, for couples who think about having a child in the future to prepare for healthy, wanted, conscious conception, and it continues with after-birth care through the baby's first year. I envision the place, where pregnant women can get together to meditate; to do yoga; to help each other to release their fears; to learn about themselves, about their relationships with their spouses, their parents, existing children; to share and socialize. It will also be the place for support groups for expectant fathers, single parents and pregnant teenagers. I know, it sounds utopian, but wouldn't it be sweet... let me dream on... Pregnant women would be able to receive the help of all kinds of whoilistic practitioners: massage therapists, herbalists, chiropractors, rebirthers, nutritionists and so on...

There would be a library and video library there. And a little health food resturant, the talk of the town... Why not? We can have this in every vilage in the world, if we reduce our military spendings by one gazillionth! Let's do that, people!


Image source http://smh.com.au/; http://www.birthrevolutionmidwifery.com/

Heather Spivey's birth

"See the color of your baby's wet hair,
the movement of its head,
its first expression.
As its body is being born,
notice the amniotic fluid pouring
from its nose and mouth

(naturally clearing the airways for its first breath).
When your baby sees for the first time,
with eyes both empty and full,
indescribably beautiful,
Listen to the mother's primal scream of birth...
and the baby's first cry.
Feel the baby's warm, wet body, the pulsating cord,
and the unspeakable feelings pulsing within you
as you witness your baby's birth into the great unknown."

-- Pam England, in "Birthing From Within"

It was 6:30pm on Friday evening, August 29th, after a long week of waiting, and Anne's Mom had just served up a fabulous meal of salmon, asparagus, and rice. Yum! And I could see that Anne was feeling something "different" going on. Things seemed to be shifting. At 8:40pm her first contraction hit, and we didn't know if it was the real thing or another teaser, but she looked at me and said, "I think this baby's coming." Life became very surreal at that moment. We all walked around staring at each other, not knowing and yet somehow Knowing everything. Not sure what to do but to give nature its space, we all went to bed at about 10:30pm, as the contractions were coming every 12 minutes or so, and Anne looked so ready and so solid and so sure of herself.

As her night unfolded, here were some of her words from her midnight journaling:

"The contractions got painful near midnight (just had a doozy!). I got out of bed around 2, because I couldn't bear laying there anymore. It hurts and is very annoying. Since being up, they seem to be harder and more frequent (big OUCH!). My hand is tingling, and I just can't sit in this chair. So, I'm just wandering around, listening to Chicago's Greatest Hits. ...

A 2:30am she woke me and said, "I don't want to be alone anymore; I want your company now." So away we went, into a whole other dimension of consciousness - that place that enables you to deal with things that are so much bigger than you. I tried to move Jake into another room, but he was insistent that he wanted to remain a part of the action. Who was I to deny him this? He had every right to be included in all of it. Grandma woke up and joined us, and Anne (her youngest of six) was on a roll now. We took orders, entertained Jake, looked into each other's eyes for comfort and support. We all (the three of us fully vested supporters) had immense stake in this. Grandma was watching her baby go into heavy labor. I was seeing my wife in greater pain than I could ever imagine (and it was going to get much worse). And Jake was hearing his Mother "roar like a lion" (an expression we learned in the sibling's class our midwife gave for existing children of the pregnant moms to keep the little ones calm and yet fully engaged). We called our Doula, Tweed Courtney, and she was there in a flash. Anne was now on all fours on our kitchen floor, and I felt so helpless, and yet so in awe of my wife's immense power of concentration and focus. We started to see blood. We didn't initially think we were going to have to wake our midwife, Pat Jones, until 5 or so, but the time was now. Contractions were regular, 3 minutes apart and 40 seconds in duration, getting much stronger by the minute, so we made the call, and our incredible midwife, the woman who made this entire pregnancy experience so precious and sacred for us, was on her way. The call also went out to Anne's friend Meggans, the honorary sister who was just meant to be here for this, a woman who is connected to and therefore fully understands my wife's soul.

When Pat arrived she was all business, and we knew an experienced hand was at work, to match Anne's perfect wisdom of her own body and the work it was being called to do. Our home became a most mystical place, one so comfortable and familiar, but that will never be the same after this night. It was time to get in the bed and to really push, and Pat noticed a lowering of the baby's heartbeat, and her face signaled her concern, and I was afraid. After encouraging Anne to push harder, and with the slow progress, Pat asked us one of us to call the ambulance. We needed to be ready for any emergency. My heart was racing as my baby's heart struggled to endure the passage. Meggans arrived in the heat of things, and her presence calmed Anne. All worked like the most beautiful team. I felt surrounded by such powerful female forces (goddess energy), and it left me humbled and crying like a baby. Then the most amazing thing happened. My baby's head popped out, and there was this face of an angel, turning and looking straight up at me. The ambulance had arrived, but Pat told them they didn't have to stay. The worst was over, and all was well. As I held my baby's head, with Anne reaching down to touch it, the body slid out into all four of our hands and together we hoisted it onto her chest. It was an unspeakably pure moment of love, one I will cherish forever. It was 4:27am on August 30, 2003. I was at a bad angle when Meggans yelled, "it's a boy!", and I thought, "Oh my God, I felt so sure it was a little girl and so was everyone else, and then Anne said with a giggle, "I don't see any penis here.", and our dream experience was complete. We had our little girl, our little Heather Anne, and she was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen - 6 pounds, 13 ounces, and 20 inches of perfection.


Rawfood Diet

Enzymes & Protein

by Tara Bianca Tiller

Above figure: Diagram of a catalytic reaction, showing the energy needed at each stage of the reaction. The substrates (A and B) normally need a large amount of energy to reach the transition state, which then reacts to form the end product (AB). The enzyme forms a microenvironment in which A and B can reach the transition state more easily, reducing the amount of energy required. Since the lower energy state is easier to reach and therefore occurs more frequently, as a result the reaction is more likely to take place, thus improving the reaction speed.
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Enzymes are proteins composed of amino-acids, and proteins are present in all living things. All enzymes are proteins, but not all proteins are enzymes.

When you eat, enzymes break down the food into tiny particles which can be converted into energy in the body. The breakdown of food is necessary to convert food into energy. Undigested food is unable to pass on the energy stored within it.

Digestive enzymes carry out the breakdown of the food particles so that they can be easily converted into the essential energy needed by all parts of our body. Enzymes are the only substances capable of digesting food. Without enzymes you would die from starvation.

A very important benefit of eating fresh whole foods is that they contain enzymes. These are substances that help the body digest food and are found only in living food. High temperatures kill enzymes so most processed food require a lot more effort by the liver to digest them.

So, the key element here is that enzymes must come from a living source. If our food is dead from cooking, then the protein is denatured and largely unusable.

What living sources have protein?

Avocados provide all of the essential amino acids, with 18 amino acids in all, plus 7 fatty acids, including Omega 3 and 6. Avocados contain more protein than cow's milk. A small avocado will provide more usable protein then a steak because cooked protein in meat is denatured and mostly unavailable to our liver, the organ that makes all of our body's protein.

Ripe, raw avocados furnish all the elements we need to build the highest quality protein in our bodies. Avocado is an enzymatically-alive fruit, it ranks as the most easily digested rich source of fats and proteins in whole food form. The ripening action "predigests" complex proteins into simple, easily digested amino acids.

Other than avocados, where can a person get their protein?

Out of the 22 amino aids found in the body, 8 must be derived from food. All 8 are abundantly available in raw plant food, especially greens. As suggested by David Wolfe, "green leafed veggies are the true body builders" (p186, The Sunfood Diet Success System). Examples of animals who build enormous musculature on green leafy vegetation include: gorilla, giraffe, hippo, elephant, horse. People think they need flesh protein to build flesh protein. If that were true then cows would need to eat flesh to get protein. Usable protein is the key. Cooking denatures protein molecular structure and creating free radicals, which destroy enzymes, amino acids & other cellular elements.

"There are many different kinds of protein, which can basically be split into two groups:
1. The first group covers the structural proteins, which are the main constituents of our bodies.
2. The second large group of proteins covers the biologically active proteins.

All known enzymes are proteins and can occur in the body in very small amounts. Enzymes catalyze all processes in the body, enabling organisms to build up chemical substances such as other proteins, carbohydrates or fats that are necessary for life.

Most of these catalyze biochemical reactions in cells. In short, all enzymes are proteins, but not all proteins are enzymes. If a protein can catalyze a biochemical reaction, it is an enzyme."

Enzymes and Raw Food - Can You Cheat Time and Stay Young for Longer?

by Claire Raikes

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David Wolfe on Life Force

Enzymes and Raw Food - Can You Cheat Time and Stay Young for Longer?

I'm going to be a bit radical here, but know that I'm only encouraging you to question and think and ideally do your own research, both theory and practice. I'm pretty confident that you'll thank me for it. WHAT IF THE SO-CALLED 'AGING PROCESS' WAS A CHOICE?

Clearly, we can't stop time from moving on. When we have a birthday, we are another year older. That's a fact that, for the moment at least, we cannot change. But what if the weakening organs, bones and tissues and all the 'usual' signs of old age were not actually a part of the aging process we've come to accept as 'normal'? Have you ever considered that these conditions are simply symptoms of us mistreating our bodies over the course of our lives to date? Wouldn't our senior years be a whole lot more fun if we were pain and disease free and could jump around with the energy and vitality of a teenager?


That this is a crazy, impossible idea borne out of fantasy? Or are you willing to open your mind and accept that actually, if you treat your body right and nourish it properly, it may in fact be possible? And this is where Enzymes come in...

In his book Intuitive Eating, Dr Humbart Santillo MD writes:

"A human being is not maintained by food intake alone, but rather by what is digested. Every food must be broken down by enzymes to simpler building blocks. Enzymes may be divided into 2 groups, exogenous (found in raw food) and endogenous (produced within our bodies). The more one gets of the exogenous enzymes, the less will have to be borrowed from other metabolic processes and supplied by the pancreas. The enzymes contained in raw food actually aid in the digestion of that same food when it is chewed. One can live many years on a cooked food diet, but eventually this will cause cellular enzyme exhaustion which lays the foundation for a weak immune system and ultimately disease."

Put simply, we are born with a finite supply of endogenous enzymes. It should be enough to last us a lifetime based on current life expectancy, but if we don't supply some exogenous enzymes through our diet, we will use up our original supplies and that's when we become susceptible to the accepted 'signs of old age' including premature death! And the fact is that when we cook our food, we kill all enzymes instead of allowing them to boost our immune system, our brain function and our energy levels.

Another doctor, Edward Howell, has written a book called Enzyme Nutrition. In it, he says:

"Humans eating an enzyme-less diet use up a tremendous amount of their enzyme potential in lavish secretions of the pancreas and other digestive organs. The result is a shortened lifespan (65 years or less as compared with 100 or more), illness, and lower resistance to stress of all types, psychological and environmental. By eating foods with their enzymes in tact and by supplementing cooked foods with enzyme capsules we can stop abnormal and pathological aging processes."


The raw food movement is gathering pace and the practice is becoming more mainstream now. In her book You Are What You Eat, Gillian McKeith places raw or living foods at the top of her list of Good Foods and has a section entitled The Case Against Cooking. Now don't get me wrong; I'm not suggesting that you switch overnight to a 100% raw food diet. Though plenty do and never look back, it's not always wise. Instead I would give the same advice as Gillian in urging you to eat something raw with every meal.

Just before I sat down to write this, I ate a yummy Quinoa Avocado Salad which other than the cooked quinoa was loaded with raw, enzyme-, EFA- and nutrient- rich foods. I ate it on its own, but you could serve it alongside a piece of grilled chicken or fish instead of dead, heavy, sugar-rush potatoes which do little more than bloat you up.

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These Four Beliefs Defy Modern Science...

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Four Myth Perceptions of the Apocalypse

This is my second interview with cellular biologist Bruce Lipton, PhD., who is one of the leading authorities on how emotions can regulate genetic expression, as explained in his excellent book The Biology of Belief, which was published last year.

Dr. Lipton's new book is Spontaneous Evolution, which was just published just a few days ago.

In this interview, he discusses "the four myth perceptions of the Apocalypse." These are the myths that society has bought, up to now, as actual science.

However, over the last two decades or so, leading edge science has shown them to be not only flawed, but entirely false, providing such profoundly different answers that it will undoubtedly change the way we live in the future.

Myth # 1 : You Live in a Mechanical Universe

The first myth perception is that the world, especially biology and medicine, operates through Newtonian physics. It says you live in a mechanical universe.

According to this belief, your body is a physical machine, so by modifying the parts of the machine, you can modify your health.

As a physical machine, your body responds to physical "things" like chemicals and drugs, and by adjusting the drugs that modify your machinery, doctors can modify and control life.

Now, with the advent of quantum physics, scientists have realized that this theory is flawed because quantum physics show that the invisible, immaterial realm is far more important than the material realm.

In fact, your thoughts may shape your environment far more than physical matter.

Einstein himself is quoted as saying: "The field is the sole governing agency of the particle." What that means is that invisible energy is the sole governing agency of matter (the physical world).

It's interesting to note that the word 'spirit' by spiritualists, and the word 'field' by physicists, use the same definition for those two words.

So, the new science is actually taking us back, and shows that your thoughts, your attitudes, your beliefs, and the invisible environment, are more primary in shaping your life than anything in the physical world is.

Myth # 2: Your Genes Control Your Life

In his book, The Biology of Belief, Dr. Lipton explains the foundation of epigenetics, and how the true secret to life does not lie within your DNA, but rather within the mechanisms of the cell membrane. In this way - which is contrary to conventional medical science - it is actually the cell's membrane -- operating in response to environmental signals picked up by the membrane's receptors -- that control the "reading" of the genes inside.

What does this mean?

It means that you are not controlled by your genetic makeup. Instead, your genetic readout (which genes are turned "on" and which are turned "off") is primarily determined by your thoughts, attitudes, and perceptions!

The major problem with believing the myth that your genes control your life is that you become a victim of your heredity. Since you can't change your genes, it essentially means that your life is predetermined, and therefore you have very little control over your health. With any luck, modern medicine will find the gene responsible and be able to alter it, or devise some other form of drug to modify your body's chemistry, but aside from that, you're out of luck...

The new science, however, reveals that your perceptions control your biology, and this places you in the role of Master, because if you can change your perceptions, you can shape and direct your own genetic readout.

It places YOU in the power position, for better or worse.

As Dr. Lipton says,

"This is very relevant to the world that we are in because we have to take back a belief that we have power over our lives. Because our current perception is that we are victims, and since perceptions control life, if you believe you are a victim, you become a victim. When we change our perceptions, we can become masters. So we are moving out of "victimhood" into mastery."

Myth # 3: Life is Based on Survival of the Fittest

The third misperception is the Darwinian belief that life and evolution is based on the survival of the fittest, which is an inherent competition and a struggle for existence that goes on forever.

The new science, however, shows that this is incorrect; that evolution was not based on competition, but rather on cooperation.

This is a profound difference, and it tells us that if we want to evolve as a species, we must stop competing, and begin to recognize our coherence - that we evolved to live as a harmonious community of people, living on this planet as one living "thing" called humanity.

Myth # 4: Life Evolved as a Random Process

This is another Darwinian theory. The significance of this myth is that, based upon it, you have no purpose here, and humans are somewhat disconnected from the environment altogether.

It says that you got here by accident, and since humanity was accidental, humans have no real purpose here on planet earth.

The new biology, on the other hand, reveals that you are in fact an extension of your environment.

In fact, every time an organism is introduced into an ecosystem, its function is to balance it and keep it stable. When viewed from this perspective, you realize that the function of your existence here on earth is to create harmony and stability within your environment.

Says Dr. Lipton,

"... humanity evolved as a compliment to an environment. The very scary situation is, if we destroy the environment that created us, then essentially, we are destroying the foundation of our existence."

New Solutions for Old Problems

I have long maintained that your emotional state plays a role in nearly every physical disease -- from heart disease, to depression, to arthritis and cancer. Even the conservative Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that 85 percent of all diseases have an emotional element.

If your thoughts and emotions play such a significant role in modifying your biology and your health (and I believe they do), then treating your emotions becomes an essential part of optimal health.

Terms like "energy medicine" and "energy psychology" are terms that have sprung up in response to these shifts in perception of reality, and I've long been an advocate of energy psychology tools to address underlying emotional traumas that can trigger disease, or keep you locked in a disease pattern.

Meridian tapping techniques, for example, which works on several levels of your collective mind-body-spirit simultaneously, can help you get a better handle on your emotions and buried pain, including the stress from unexpected tragedies.

Optimal health might really hinge on dealing with, and resolving your emotional traumas as quickly as possible; not letting old emotional wounds linger and fester.

In severe cases you might not be able to perform the techniques satisfactorily on yourself, in which case I would highly recommend you seek out a trained professional. Dr. Patricia Carrington provides a list of certified practitioners across the world, plus helpful advice on how to choose a practitioner that is right for you.


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Biodynamic Gardening

Planting Spring Bulbs

Somehow, and although not nearly as showy as the stately delphiniums, or as ravishingly beautiful as the bearded irises, the modest daffodils are by far my personal favorites among the spring bulbs.

Snow Drops

The earliest of the spring bulbs. In my native Germany they poked their little leaves and bell shaped blossoms right through the snow in late winter. I loved them for that. Great in bunches - which happens naturally - under flowering shrubs, hedges, in drifts under trees. They need humus-rich soil and moisture, which is no problem hereabouts, and are best divided, when necessary, right after blooming.


The first bright splash of a rainbow of colour in late winter and early spring. Best in full sun in bunches and drifts of the same colour, under trees, shrubs and along hedges and borders. Hardy and undemanding in well drained soil, they are best left alone, and divided only when necessary right after the leaves have died down.


My personal favourites, mostly because I spent the 10 best years of my life where there were drifts of daffodils all over the place. And this is still the best way of having daffodils. Perfectly hardy, carefree and undemanding in our climate, they are great under trees, under flowering shrubs, along hedges, around patios, in borders, and the miniatures are perfect in rock gardens. And they always look best in bunches - which happens naturally anyhow, as they readily multiply - and are at their very best in sweeping drifts where this is possible. They are also great in containers, and make excellent cut flowers. Lift and divide after leaves have died down, and only when necessary. Separate only those daughter bulbs which come off easily.


Tulips provide a March - May riot of colour and are also best in drifts, colonies, and bunches beside the patio or path. They need average soil and moisture in full sun, otherwise the stems will bend toward the light. Tulips are a considered a great delicacy by gophers, mice and aphids, so there are bound to be some losses, and our little wolf spiders are necessary to eliminate the aphids. Lift, divide and replant daughter bulbs after leaves have died down, and only when necessary due to crowding.


A rainbow of bright colours in tall, stately spikes, for late spring, early summer blossoms. Best at the back of beds, in front of wooden fences. Good and spectacular cut flowers. Need full sun in rich, fertile, and near neutral loam. Tall spikes need to be staked early. For best blossoms, remove all but 2 new shoots, and side dress with chicken manure. After blossoms have died, cut off flower spikes. After new shoots are several inches high, cut off old flower stalks at ground, and fertilize for good second bloom in late summer, early fall. Delphiniums are short lived, and most often treated just like annuals.

Bearded Irises

Even hardier and more undemanding than daffodils - and to the point of neglect - are the bearded Irises. We had loads of them in poor, hard clay soil, and to make it worse, under poplar trees which are famous for soaking up all moisture out of the ground all around them. Almost unbelievably, our bearded irises thrived even under these conditions.

Ravishingly beautiful blossoms in an infinite rainbow of colours except pure red and green only, the irises are also best in bunches and drifts, in full sun or light shade. Water only occasionally and when necessary. Excellent and spectacular cut flowers. After 3 or 4 years, clumps get crowded. Lift and divide rhizomes in fall, cutting away older woody centers, and trim roots and leaves to 6 inches. Let cut rhizomes heal for a day, then replant 12 inches apart, with fan of leaves facing into the desired direction of growth. Remove old and dead leaves in fall. Enjoy.

Plant throughout October, and all kinds benefit greatly from a table spoon of bone meal mixed into the ground under the bulb. Since planting depths vary greatly between kinds, follow the planting instructions given with the bulbs.


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Wild Ribes Polyculture

Fall Leaves

For us super-organic gardeners - indeed for any gardener - leaves are one of the most beautiful and most powerful resources of all. Basically, the only difference between totally barren aggregate, such as pure silt, sand and clay, and rich fertile loam, is organic matter.

That's all. It is as simple as this. And leaves are 100% organic matter. With a high content of organic matter also come all the properties of rich fertile loam. Excellent moisture holding capacity; and from this, soil temperature equalization; also excellent nutrient holding capacity; a rich and varied fabric of invaluable soil biota - all the way from dew worms to nitrogen fixing bacteria and mycorrhyzal fungi; a wide range of natural 'fertilizers' from the decay products of the organic matter - comprising almost the whole spectrum of the 92 natural elements of the Earth, moreover, in exactly the right proportions as needed by plants ( - of course).

You see, the trees and shrubs which have made all those leaves, have taken up the simple elements of the Earth and have assembled them into the highly complex organic compounds of their leaves - and much enriched by the nitrogen the trees have - with the help of nitrogen fixing bacteria - obtained from the air. And then, in the fall, they shed their leaves in great numbers to decay, and enrich the soil with their highly complex organic compounds. In this manner, good 'ole Mother Nature has created all the rich and fertile loam of the Earth; all of it.

And rich fertile soil has spawned and maintained all of the Life which has arisen from it - including our kind and selves.

Most people will be a bit surprised to find out that a fundamental, and immensely vast and powerful law of the universe is behind all this. It is the law of Progressive Complexity which has driven the progressive complexity of our universe from the simple energy of its big bang birth, to its present-day astronomical complexity. Along the way its has also created and driven the evolution of biospheres - such as our's - and including the emergence and evolution of Life to progressively higher levels of complexity - such as our kind and selves - all over the universe.

And the same vast universal law drives the progressive complexity which has created trees in the first place - and the high organic complexity of their leaves. It is also the same law which we employ and use when we gather the leaves of fall and bring them into our gardens, to add to and increase the organic content and complexity of our garden soil. Be it known then that when gathering the leaves of fall and bringing them into our gardens, that we are working hand-in-hand with the most beautiful and the most powerful law of our universe itself.

So, go forth then and gather the leaves of fall and bring them home, to add to your garden and increase the complexity, fertility and friability of your soil to your hearts content - in full knowledge that you are working hand-in-hand with the cosmic law that has created the universe, Life, our Earth, its teeming biosphere - and eventually, our kind and selves.

Can one overdo it? Hardly. The richest fertile loam has about 10% organic content - which amounts to about 1/2 of its physical volume, and that is a lot of leaves. At 10% organic content, your soil will feel slightly springy when walking upon it. However, our crops use up much of this organic content for their own growth, so we need to replenish it regularly. Fortunately, and as good 'ole Mother Nature would have it, it supplies a rich abundance of leaves every fall, and best of all, free for the taking. Moreover, you'll also be helping our city by reducing its costs for the gathering and disposal of this annual cornucopia of fall leaves.

So bring them home, spread them over your garden beds as a mulch, or to cover empty beds, and let them decay into your soil. In spring, turn what is left of them into your soil. Or you can add them to the compost pile, or let them decay under the shrubbery, and use the resulting compost in your garden.

And perhaps, and with any luck, there will come a day when the city's expense of gathering and disposing of the leaves of fall is eliminated altogether by gardeners everywhere, as they wait eagerly with open garbage bags under the trees for the rich cornucopia from above.


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Yes you should insulate your house.
Oh, and energy markets don't work

"I'll never get my money back; it's too expensive".

Greg and I heard that again recently. I'm constantly amazed that people continue to think insulating their homes and buildings is too expensive. But it's indicative of how we've been trained over the past decades. Energy continues to be astronomically cheap and subsidized both directly and indirectly. What's more, the markets clearly don't work.

The markets don't work? But doesn't every MBA student in the country know markets are supposed to be efficient?

Maybe therein lies the problem. Theoretical abstractions repeated until mantra collide with this little thing called reality.

Consider the energy news this week. Today, oil hit $74 a barrel (the highest price since last October), up 7% on the week. Meanwhile, natural gas prices are at their lowest level in 7 years, trading at less than $3 per million British thermal Units (BTU's).

It takes about 5.9 million BTUs (mmBTUs) of natural gas to produce the energy equivalent of one barrel of oil. This is a straight energy conversion using a standard unit of measure (BTUs). A certain number of BTUs does a certain amount of "work" (i.e. move a car, run an engine, run a generator, heat a volume of water etc). This suggests that people - within some bounds - are going to be energy "agnostic" and will gravitate toward using the cheapest form of energy to accomplish a give amount of work.

This assumption doesn't work perfectly because there's a fixed technology investment involved; you can't just pull out your (oil) gas tank and convert your car to natural gas because natural gas is cheaper that week. However, historically, natural gas has traded in a fairly consistent range vis a vis the price of oil, with a barrel of oil priced at about an 8 to 10 times multiple on a mmBTU of natural gas.

In other words, the current price of oil suggests natural gas should be priced in the $7 - $9 per mmBTU range. But today, it's trading at $3. Either oil is over-priced or natural gas is under-priced. Or, the market isn't anywhere near as efficient as people think.

I think we're going to see a whipsawing back of natural gas prices. The cost of extracting gas is going up and exploration has just about seized up in the past year meaning that when demand returns, supplies will be way down. Finally, liquefied natural gas is a disaster waiting to happen - kind of like a floating hydrogen bomb - and this risk has likely not been reflected in its costs.

What does all this mean?

It means insulate your house. Now!

Trust me.

Gabriel Draven


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Radiant Heat and Green Insulation - Eco-friendlier Options

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For Educational purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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Pine Nut Oil:
What beneficial properties does it possess?

V. Rezin Ph. D.,
Institute of Climatic and Ecological Systems Monitoring
Novosibirsk, Russa

Many of us have tasted delicious Pine nuts. But these nuts are not only delicious, but extremely wholesome. When scientists embarked on the serious study of the composition of Pine nuts, they were literally shocked, since they could not have even imagined anything like this.

It turned out that Pine nut kernels contain more protein than in many types of meat. Moreover, the protein from the Pine nut is assimilated by the body almost completely, which is also a great rarity. In addition, the nut contains almost all the amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, and vitamins necessary for our body, as well as a wonderful collection of mineral substances and trace elements.

For those who want to bring healthy progeny into the world, and then live long and be sick less, Pine nuts are simply indispensable. They contain the entire set of antioxidants that promote the transmission of the full complement of hereditary material and slow down the body's aging process, including tocopherols (E group vitamins). It is not in vain that native Siberians, who were traditionally known for robust health and physical strength, always consumed large quantities of Pine nuts.

In Siberia, since ancient times, it was believed that precisely the Pine nut was one of the chief riches of the taiga. Pine forests were always protected. Entire villages went out to collect nuts, moreover the number of trees from which families were to gather the nuts was determined earlier, taking into account the quantity of family members to feed. Usually the nut harvest lasted five to ten days, for the cleaning of the cones (shelling) was done right in the taiga, using special devices. Unless "the community" consented otherwise, it was permitted to gather nuts only in distant Pine forests, to which there were no roads.

Many variants are known for the preparation of dishes using Pine nut kernels, but, first and foremost, the nuts were stored for the production of Pine nut oil. It was used not only in cooking, but also as an effective medicinal remedy. I will not tire the reader with figures, but only mention that the quantity of E group vitamins in Pine nut oil is five times greater than in the famous olive oil, and the quantity of vitamin F is three times greater than in fish oil.

The demand for high-quality Pine nut oil was always high, as was its price. Unfortunately, there also existed the problem of counterfeiting the medicinal Pine nut oil, or in its place providing oil intended only for culinary or technical purposes. The peculiarity lies in the fact that there exist several basic ways of obtaining Pine nut oil: cold pressing, thermal or hot pressing, and extraction using various substances. In all these situations, externally, the oil obtained is practically indistinguishable -- an amber yellow colour, with a slight, specific Pine aroma and taste. But its medicinal properties are different.

Pine Nut Oil with
Sea Buckthorn Berry

In cold pressing, the kernels, cleaned of their shells, are placed in a wooden press. The oil obtained settles or is filtered. During the processing, the oil is not permitted to come into contact with any metal parts. The Pine nut oil thus obtained is extremely wholesome, and is widely used in traditional medicine and cosmetology. This method is the most costly, but the result is of the highest quality.

Several thermal methods of obtaining Pine nut oil exist. The most common involve separating the oil from the heated crushed kernels while rinsing with hot (boiling) water and hot pressing. This method is less expensive, but as a result is obtained simply high-quality, culinary Pine nut oil, whose medicinal properties are one order of magnitude lower, since many of its wholesome substances are destroyed by high temperatures.

Most often, to obtain a so-called good priced oil, a method of extracting Pine nut oil is used that producers prefer not to publicize, since the product obtained bears no relation to medicinal Pine nut oil. This is an extraction method where the crushed Pine kernels are drenched with a special compound that "draws" the oil into itself. From the solution obtained by the chemical, thermal, or mechanical method, something is extracted that is subsequently called "Pine nut oil." With any luck, it will turn out to be relatively harmless. This is one of the methods:
To obtain Pine nut oil, Korean pine nut kernels of the 2008 harvest were used, collected in the Jilin Province of China. Crushed kernels 1-2 mm in size were exhaustively extracted using diethyl ether in a Soxhlet apparatus over four to five hours. The ether was removed from the resulting extract by distillation in a vacuum, and Pine nut oil was obtained with an average yield of 60% calculated on an initial raw material dried at a temperature of 55C.

Pine Nut Oil Press
This equipment and method of pressing Siberian Pine Nuts brings the difference in the quality of "RINGING CEDARS OF RUSSIA" Siberian Pine Nut Oil

Some producers often refer to this type of "Pine nut oil" as Pine nut oil obtained by cold pressing. It is very cheap, but at the same time provides enormous profits to its distributors. This type of oil, of course, does not possess the medicinal properties of genuine Pine oil obtained by cold pressing. Most often, Pine nut oil obtained by the above method is produced in China and Europe, but lately, in the pursuit of profits, this type of oil has begun to be obtained in Siberia, Russia. Also in the pursuit of profits, Pine nut oil is diluted with vegetable oils (corn oil, sunflower oil), from which their specific odors have been first removed.

Without conducting a special analysis, only a few people are able to determine the production method of the oil solely by its appearance and taste. For that reason, it is advisable to be extremely cautious when buying Pine nut oil. When purchasing from Internet stores or pharmacies, attention should be paid to the presence of authoritative studies made by scientists and medical specialists, since it does not pay producers to study Pine nut oil produced by the hot pressing or extraction method. If the producer or the seller arouses any doubt, it is better to decline the purchase. To date, I am aware of only several producers of Pine nut oil that sell their own products, including through the Internet. These are www.PineNutOil.org and www.RingingPinesofRussia.org. You will always find high quality Pine nut oil and acceptable prices on these web sites.

"Home" methods of verifying the authenticity of Pine nut oil have long existed, but more often than not, they allow only imitations to be revealed. The problem is that oil obtained from both the cold and hot method, as well as extraction, "behaves" similarly in tests. If Pine nut oil is placed in the freezer section of a refrigerator, the oil obtained by cold pressing does not change, that obtained by the hot method or extraction may grow barely noticeably cloudy and begin to thicken (but not many people can distinguish these changes), while the changes in the imitation can be seen by anyone, they are so striking.

The use of Pine nut oil for medicinal and preventive purposes is simple. Usually one to two tablespoons are simply taken before eating. It is advisable to use it for the treatment of serious illnesses (oncological diseases, cardio-vascular diseases, diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract, diseases of the kidneys, liver, etc.) after consultation with a physician. Pine nut oil has practically no contraindications, other than an extremely rare individual intolerance, but it is precisely a specialist who will be able to develop the most effective course of treatment.

To treat catarrhal illnesses and nervous disorders, eliminate chronic fatigue syndrome, increase physical and intellectual ability to work, decrease the level of cholesterol, or strengthen immunity (the list may be continued at length), it is not complicated to draw up a course of treatment on one's own. And it is perfectly suitable for children's nutrition, it is especially recommended at the time of the loss of the baby teeth.

Pine nut oil may also be used externally. It possesses excellent wound-healing properties, it is good in helping to treat burns, frostbite, ulcers, and various skin diseases, it rejuvenates the skin and makes it supple and smooth, it helps to eliminate dandruff, combat brittleness and hair loss. By the way, Pine nut oil is not contraindicated for people with oily skin, it nourishes it well and, as strange as it may seem, assists in the reduction of the oiliness.

Genuine Pine nut oil is rather expensive, but its medicinal properties compensate for the high price with interest, providing people with health and a wonderful sense of well-being.

Used by permission
Copyright CedarInfo.info

Pine Nut Oil with Pine Resin:
Turpentine Balsam

N. Filimonova Ph. D.,
Novosibirsk State Medical University
Novosibirsk, Russia

Turpentine Balsam:
Pine Nut Oil with
Pine Resin

Mixing pine resin and pine nut oil gives turpentine balsam in various concentrations, which possesses a more powerful medicinal effect than each of its components individually. Do you remember how Russian fairy tales describe the miraculous properties of dead and living water? This is what Alexander Pushkin writes in the fairy tale Ruslan and Ludmila:

And the old man stood above the knight
And sprinkled him with dead water,
And his wounds began to shine in an instant,
And the corpse radiated
with wonderful beauty; then the old man
Sprinkled the hero with living water,
And hale and hearty, full of new strength,
Quivering with young life,
Ruslan arises, gazing at the bright day
With avid eyes...

If the dead water was responsible for the reconstitution (regeneration) of the body's structure (the cells), then the living water directly revived that body (the cells). From this point of view, pine nut oil fulfills a regenerative function, providing the body with all necessary building materials. While resin (in Russian zhivitsa, from the root zhiv-, "life, vital") plays the role of a powerful catalyst, increasing the rate of metabolism at the cellular level tenth full! So, it turns out that the fairy tale of dead and living water is not a fairy tale at all, because it finds corroboration in our lives in the form of turpentine balsam.

Yes, turpentine balsam promotes the renewal of the structure and functions of the cells of the liver and pancreas. It allows heavy metal salts to be removed from the body. It is very wholesome for children because it provides for the most fully realized development of their growing bodies. It is used internally, applied for drips, massage, liniment, rubs, etc.

Turpentine balsam is an effective natural antioxidant. It has a liver-protecting, antiulcerous, antiseptic, and antisclerotic effect, and also normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract and metabolism, hastens healing, decreases the intoxication (poisoning) of the body in the event of the ingestion of chemical compounds. It has a general strengthening effect, reduces chronic fatigue syndrome, and increases the intellectual and physical capacity to work.

The regular use of pine nut oil, and especially turpentine balsam from PineNutOil.org, restores the protective function of the cells on the molecular level(!), leads to the improvement of cerebral and peripheral blood circulation. It promotes the oxygen saturation of the organs and tissues, and activates the mechanism for the generation of new cells (linolenic acid), reduces or eliminates disruptions of lipometabolism, protects the skin from the harmful effect of water, and makes it supple (linoleic acid).

The inhabitants of Siberia and the Urals have for a very long time used turpentine balsam for the treatment of purulent wounds, cuts, and burns. During the Great Fatherland War, turpentine was successfully used in military hospitals for the treatment of wounded fighters. The most serious and chronic injuries to the skin, including gangrene, were treated with balsam. Pieces of skin impregnated with turpentine were placed on abscesses as a softening, stretching, and healing agent.

Pine Nut Oil Press
This equipment and method of pressing Siberian Pine Nuts brings the difference in the quality of "RINGING CEDARS OF RUSSIA" Siberian Pine Nut Oil

The use of turpentine balsam from PineNutOil.org protects the skin from aging and fading, makes it youthful, supple, and elastic. It is especially healthy for people who suffer from skin diseases, increased brittleness of the hair and nails, people who live and work in unfavourable climactic and ecological conditions, who are engaged in work that involves an elevated expenditure of energy and increased psychological and emotional stress.

In the preventive treatment of diseases, pine nut oil may be used. One teaspoonful (non-metallic spoon) is taken internally on an empty stomach, 30 to 60 minutes before eating. If so desired and needed, the oil may be taken three to four times a day. There is no strict dosage, since pine nut oil is a natural food product for people.

Turpentine balsam is also used in those circumstances when a disease has already settled in our delicate organism and it needs help. Moreover, internally, one can take only 5% (or less) balsam. Turpentines with a concentration of resin that is more than 5% are used externally! The exception is "Siberian cleanse," in which 10% turpentine balsam is used according to a specially developed system.

When using pine products internally, one obligatory condition should be met: ingestion takes place only during daylight hours. This is related to the fact that pine nut oil, pine resin, and other derived products are considered to be "alive" and, when they interact with the living, active human organism, make it possible to eliminate various diseases in a most effective manner.

At the present, a large number of statistics have been collected about diseases that are susceptible to treatment using turpentine balsam:

- all types of catarrhal diseases;
- bronchopulmonary and ear, nose, and throat diseases;
- diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
- cardiovascular and endocrine diseases;
- skin and stomatological diseases;
- diseases of the nervous system;
- diseases of the locomotor system, etc.

Turpentine balsam (resin and oil) of the Siberian pine is a unique product, whose spectrum and strength of action on the human organism is difficult to overestimate.

General skin care

Turpentine Balsam Promotion:
Buy 3 get 1 free

In spite of its outstanding protective qualities and ability to regenerate, the skin is the most delicate and vulnerable organ of our body. After all, the skin works day and night without rest, frequently being exposed to excessive loads. However, by no means does it always have enough of its own forces to cope with these problems. For that reason, the skin undeniably requires regular and diligent care.

The use of turpentine balsam from PineNutOil.org is recommended for people with various types of skin. In the case of surface application, the balsam is absorbed extremely well into the skin and has the following effects:

- it does an excellent job of softening the skin, making it more elastic and resilient, and preserves its natural moisture;
- it promotes the healing of wounds and erosions on the skin and mucous membranes following injuries, burns, and inflammations;
- it soothes and eliminates itching, redness, and swelling after allergic manifestations on the skin;
- it provides an excellent contact surface for massage;
- it gently removes surface pollutants (dust, cosmetics), and may be used to remove make-up, especially from the areas around the eyes.

Never put off caring for your skin until later, justifying it by a lack of time and money. It is much simpler and less expensive to halt the process of fading than to struggle with it later. Turpentine balsam and pine nut oil from PineNutOil.org are wonderful gifts for your skin from Siberian nature. And if, for the time being, you are not immediately able to give up your favourite cream, tonic, shampoo, or facial mask, then add three to five drops of 5% turpentine balsam to your product. Better yet: try the balsam on your hands, rubbing them before sleep for a week. Once you are convinced of its effectiveness in practice, you will be able to put your complete trust in it.

N. Filimonova Ph. D.

Used by permission.
Copyright CedarInfo.info

Pine Nut Oil Garden Salad Dressing Recipe

1/2 C. Mayonnaise
1/3 C. White Vinegar
1 tsp. Vegetable Oil
2 Tbsp. Corn Syrup
2 Tbsp. Parmesan Cheese
2 Tbsp. Romano Cheese
1/4 tsp. Garlic Salt - or one clove garlic minced
1/2 tsp. Italian Seasoning
1/2 tsp. Parsley Flakes
1 Tbsp. Lemon Juice

Mix all ingredients in a blender until well mixed.
If this is a little to tangy your own personal tastes add a little extra sugar
Use on Olive Garden Salad Mix

* * * * *

Chilled Seafood Salad with Herbed Cedar Nut Oil and Sea Salt


1 pound cleaned squid
1 pound small sea scallops
1 pound medium shrimp (about 25), shelled, leaving tail and connecting shell segment intact

For herbed olive oil:
3/4 cup extra-virgin cedar nut oil
3/4 cup coarsely chopped fresh flat-leafed parsley leaves (wash and dry before chopping)
1/2 cup chopped fresh chives (wash and dry before chopping)
1 tablespoon chopped fresh rosemary leaves
1/2 teaspoon table salt

2 lemons, sliced thin
fresh lemon juice to taste
coarse sea salt to taste plus additional for serving

Remove flaps from squid sacs if attached, reserving them, and cut sacs crosswise into 1/4-inch-thick rings. Cut reserved flaps into 1/4-inch-thick strips and halve tentacles lengthwise if large. Remove tough muscle from side of each scallop if necessary.

Have ready a large bowl of ice and cold water. In a large saucepan of boiling salted water cook shrimp 1 minute, or until pink and just cooked through, and transfer with a slotted spoon to ice water to stop cooking.

Add scallops to boiling water and cook at a bare simmer 2 minutes, or until just cooked through. Transfer scallops with slotted spoon to ice water to stop cooking.

Add squid to boiling water and cook 20 to 30 seconds, or until just opaque. Drain squid in a colander and transfer to ice water to stop cooking.

Drain seafood well in colander and transfer to a bowl. Chill seafood, covered, until cold, at least 2 hours, and up to 1 day.

Make herbed oil:

In a blender blend together herbed oil ingredients on high speed 1 minute. Pour oil through a fine sieve into a bowl, pressing hard on solids, and discard solids. Herbed oil may be made 2 days ahead and chilled, covered. One hour before serving, toss seafood with lemon slices and lemon juice. Divide seafood among 12 bowls and drizzle with herbed oil. Sprinkle salads with sea salt and serve additional sea salt on the side.

For Educational purposes only
This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
These articles come directly from researchers and are passed on to everybody. The company assumes no liability for any content in these articles.

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Give your loved one a gift of Siberian Health!

New Arrival:

We offer you the famous "RINGING CEDARS OF RUSSIA" wooden Cedar Nut Sheller and Cedar Nut Oil Press which we use to remove the shells from Siberian Cedar Nut and press out Siberian Cedar Nut Oil.

This equipment and method of shelling and pressing of Siberian Cedar Nuts brings the difference in the quality of "RINGING CEDARS OF RUSSIA" Siberian Cedar Kernels and Siberian Cedar Nut Oil (Siberian Pine Nut Oil).

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Pine Nut Oil with Pine Resin

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The oil from cedar nuts is being extracted for a long time in the Ural Mountains and Siberia. Our ancestors ate cedar nut oil and used it for medical purposes since the ancient times. In XIX century cedar nut oil could be bought on any Siberian market. It has been home-made with the use of only the simplest machinery. It has a soft taste, gold-and-amber color, and a wonderful smell of nuts.

In old Russian folk medicine consider that Siberian cedar nut oil eliminates a chronic weakness syndrome, increases overall strength of an organism, physical and brain activities. Siberian cedar nut oil taken regularly improves immune system. Any vegetative oil can be substituted by Siberian cedar nut oil, but nothing can fully substitute cedar nut oil. It can also be used as a facial night cream for returning a natural beauty of the skin.


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The books of the series are absolutely inspiring. Anastasia explains in clear language how every person on the planet, both rich or poor, can live a happy, fulfilling, and healthy life! Can't wait till the next book, thank you!

Elisa Thompson

* * *

I recommend these books to all my friends and family. We read them together with my 12 year old grandaughter every evening. Wonderful material.

Scott De Lavope


I have been taking the Pine Nut Oil for six years now, I have type 1 Diabetes which requires Insulin. I have not been to the doctor in four years, managed to size down my injections three times and reversed almost all of Diabetic side effects. I am on my way to curing the incurable disease!

Ron K.

* * *

I have been brushing my teeth with Pine Nut Oil toothpaste Kedra and I can tell you it is the last toothpaste I will ever use! It is really hard to find a 100% natural toothpaste on the market.

Gloria S.


I am interested in being a distributor
Julie J

* * *

Thank you! Blessings,

Margie Brunn

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History of Aromatherapy

For millenniums humanity has been discovering mysterious properties of plants. Knowledge obtained through experiments and researches and its systematization resulted in a new science - Aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is an art of healing by means of plant aromas. Aromatherapy emerged long before it was thought as a science. Have you noticed how easily you breathe when you are walking in a forest? How nice it is to feel piny wood scent and redolence of green pine needles and resin! This is a natural aromatherapy.

According to the first manuscripts with fragrance recipes aromatherapy has been used for 6000 years! In Egypt the use of aromatherapy is confirmed by earthenware tablets that described embalming process by means of aromatics.

Ancient people perfectly understood aromatic and therapeutic properties of plants. Contemporary civilization just begins to uncover the value of aromatherapy hidden treasures.

In the ancient times aromatic, antiseptic, antimicrobial and wound-healing properties of essential-oil plants were known and widely used from Babylon and Persia to India and China. In the old medical texts of these countries, written around 3000 years ago, many herbs and their utilization were described. Plants whose aromas were able to impact on consciousness were burned during religious ceremonies.

The resins that were used for incense were highly therapeutic; they influenced on respiratory system and immersed priests into meditative state. Egyptians applied fragrances from perfumery and cosmetics to medicine and mummification. Some perfume jars still smell with fragrance that was kept there 3200 years ago. Also Egyptians used aromas for skin care, washing clothes, added them into vine and food. Frankincense oil used to be burned in honor of Egyptian God Ra, it also was a great component in skin care recipes. Cedar and Myrrh oils were used for embalming. As it turned out essential oils of cedar and myrrh contained elements with strong prophylactic and antiseptic properties, which allowed mummies be preserved for a very long time. Egyptians acquired a reputation of perfume experts; however, they were not familiar with essential oil extraction methods and used only infusions and ointments.

Greeks continued researches in aromatherapy. They found new uses for essential oils in medicine. Ancient thinker and pharmacologist Pedanius Dioscorides wrote a book about healing with herbs "De Materia Medica". This book had been very popular in Europe for 12 centuries. Many recipes offered in this book are still useful today. Another Greek physician Hippocrates - the founder of contemporary scientific medicine composed a work where 236 plants and their medical use were described. Reflecting Greek philosophy of his time, Hippocrates approached patient as a unified whole and as a part of nature. He believed that plants contain medical elements in optimal combination and thus they heal better when unprocessed or as natural juices.

Romans based their knowledge on Greeks' aromatherapy achievements. Their innovation was in bringing aromatic plants and ingredients from Aravia and Eastern India. With new plants more deceases could be cured. Romans paid a lot of attention to the aromatic properties of plants. In antique Rome and Greece perfumery with floral scents was booming, the essential oils were widely used in steam baths as a daily ritual. Many Greek doctors served in Roman army and carried their aromatherapy knowledge through different countries. Ancient Greek philosophers believed that essential oils were given to people by Olympus Gods as a means of supreme light, awakening love.

After the collapse of Roman Empire, Arabic perfumers improved aromatherapy knowledge. They were the first who applied steam distillation for extracting essential oil from rose petals. This invention is believed to belong to Avicenna, philosopher and a physician of Middle East. He described more than 800 medical means that were mostly of botanical origin. In his book "The Canon of Medicine" he described steam distillation method which is used nowadays as well.

European aromatherapy was developing in medieval times. During crusades Arabic fragrances were spread over entire Europe. Plant's medical properties were intensively studied at the times of pestilence spread. Branches of lavender and cypress were burned on the streets. It was the only protection against Black Death that people knew.

In the ninetieth century with the development of synthetic pharmacology the importance of aromatherapy began to decrease. However, when it was noticed that synthetic products caused multiple complications the interest in aromatherapy arose again.

In 1930, French scientist-chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse put into practice a term of Aromatherapy. His family owned a perfumery fabric, and, according to the legend, Maurice, working in a laboratory, burned his hand badly. By reflex, he dipped his hand into lavender oil that was standing by. Later he was so amazed watching mystical recovery and disappearance of scars on his hand. As a result he dedicated his live to researches about essential oil cosmetic and dermatological properties.

French physician Jean Valnet significantly expanded uses of aromatherapy. He was using essential oils for disinfection of wounds and for internal organs spasms relieving. In 1964 he published a book "Practice of Aromatherapy" triggering the aromatherapy practice in Europe. Homeopathic clinics, practicing aromatherapy were build in Paris, Sveden and England where obvious rejuvenation properties of essential oils were studied.

Contemporary aromatherapy is first of all a prophylactic and healthful method of maintaining good psycho-emotional and physical fitness. It is a therapy that relieves everyday stress and prevents development of infirmity. In Canada, US, Europe and Japan thousands of aromatherapy clinics operate, aromatherapy books are published and scientific laboratories are working, continuing the tradition of aromatherapy use.

With the growing popularity of aromatherapy many people get familiarized with therapeutic properties of essential oils and start using them at home on a daily basis.

On the current market the world leading Essential Oil company is Young Living Essential Oils. Young Living's line of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils and essential oil blends are sourced from the world's finest plants. They are not diluted with chemical and synthetic additives and are carefully prepared to maintain plant integrity. This commitment to purity makes Young Living products the world's highest-quality essential oil line.

Part of the proceeds go to the creation of an Eco-Village.

Used by permission
Copyright http://www.youngliving.pro/

For Educational purposes only
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Message submitted from: Radha Theresa,

Address: 83 Cassilis St Coonabarabran NSW Australia Phone number: 0268424778
Email: capricorndancer@live.com.au
Title: Vedruss Kins Oasis
User classifieds ad:
Calling Vedruss! A Kin's Village is called into being in Coonabarabran, Australia. If you feel called to participate, please email Radha or Chris for more details - capricorndancerlive.com.au


The Anastasia Eco-settlement project has found its home in North America on Sacred Motherland!

Many great thanks to all of you who contributed to this success and to many who have supported this dream and vision with your love from near & far.

Shambhala-Shasta community has taken back 466 acres of prestine motherland. Free and clear. No debt. No Encumbrances. No liens. Free and clear!!!

To freedom, independance and sovereignty!!!

The community will steadily grow out from here as we are bordered on the east and north by national forests.

More to come soon after our visit to our motherland in the next few days.

We have several settlers who have begun the intake process and purchased their domains. If you are ready and feel the beat in your heart, come and join!!!


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