Pine Nut Oil - Siberian Pine, Pinus sibirica or ancient native name Siberian Pine

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Please share your experience with others and help to restore the knowledge about healing power of Siberian pine products: send us your feed back and we will place it on this page. Thank you!

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hi I just tasted the pine oil for my first time. I was having morning sickness of my 5 weeks of pregnancy, and just after taking the oil, the sensaton disapeared! I felt more vital and connected, my legs was tingilings, and then the sun set.

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to have some pine oil during this amazing moment of our lifes!

Melina and baby Aitana

Excellent essence oil. Just perfect, excellent product. I use oil as burner, as facial cream, as for breathing to snuff, as hair mask, for bath oil, for body care etc. Perfect and pure.



I received my pendant a few days ago now and from the first night wearing it i could feel lighter in my body, no stress, no heaviness. It was also easier to access loving energy whereas before i used to have to meditate to feel *whole*. With treating pain, i didn't feel like it took it completely away, though i felt a *fighting feeling* going on, like it was trying to diminish the pain, which in that took most of it away.
I feel naked without wearing the pendant now, i never take it off..

Thankyou so much for making these available to the world :)


Pine Nut Oil is a Good Product. I used it and Really works.


It's awesome stuff! Pine nut Oil is great value for money and I definitely recommend it to everyone. You can use it on all sorts of different ailments from skin problems to gum issues.

New Zealand

I started the nut oil Tsp. regiment every morning and also oil pulling!

It is fantastic product my teeth are already looking whiter!
This is the link for learning about oil pulling if interested or pass it along to everyone in your company.
For oil pulling, I believe you don't need to do this with a tablespoon in your mouth since your oil is so good I do mine with a sip of your oil and I got results already!!!

Good luck
Hope you have the Best Day Ever!

Louise Caron

Dear Friends,

I am very happy with your products.

I truly hope that your products continue to help me as much as they are.
Even my husband has notice a large difference.

Thank you,

Maria Zuckerman


Just wanted to let you know that we did get our order.
Your products have made a big difference in our lives.

Thanks again!

Joan Goldberg.

I have been using Pine Nut Oil for 6 months. I also gave away to my loved ones who are suffered MS, Myocard Enfarctus and old age. They said this is a miracle.

Istanbul, Turkey.

Dear friends, thank you for making this product available.
I am taking your pine nut oil for 8 moths, it does miracles… previously I often suffered from bad cold, but now it is long forgotten. I also have a lot more energy now.

I send you my blessings!


I’d like your product very much, it charges me with energy for whole day, pine nut oil is fantastic, essential oils are pure and natural.

Thank you,


I am a teacher of Meditation and I have been wearing the pendant for about 1 month and I have noticed that I am attracting loving persons into my field of experience..I am mentally stimulated and have energy all day untill about 11:30 pm. I feel very connected to the people of Russia. I love what Anastasia and Vladamir are teaching the world.

Love and Light and Joy and Laughter, Eva


I am impressed with how quick my order got here! Thanks for the prompt delivery.
I look forward to telling all my friends about your company as well as purchasing more products in the future from you.


Valorie Vogel

The pine is deliciously fragrent and I feel I sleep more deeply and breathe more easily when I use the pine pillow.


Dear Friends,

I have received my package of Pine Nut Oils, Spoons and Pine Pendants, which I will share with my friend.  Thank you. 

I have already started using the oil externally and internally and have found several benefits.  I will send you another email to explain this.  I am very happy.  I will say, however, that within 15 minutes of applying the oil to my face, chest and throat, my emotional feelings completely changed.  I became happier and joyful as though a negative oppression was lifted from off me.

Maria Rainback
Melbourne, Australia

Ever since I have use the pine oil for my crack lips I have been commented on how lively and more younger I look and feel within myself   I am able to share care and give all the energy this all has given to me to others.

Denise Rosse

Thank you so much for the wonderful product.


shirley cassin