We improved our equipment, now it is closer to original ancient cold pressing technology. The Siberian pine nut oil has more healing power of nature, stronger natural smell and taste of wild harvested Siberian pine nuts.

Goals and Mission Statement

The Siberian Pine Nut Oil Company was founded as a commercial project with the goal of financing the creation of Kin's Settlements consisting of Kin's Estates. A full 15% of the profit goes to financing the settlement The Hope, located in Almaty Oblast, Kazakhstan.
In addition, the Siberian Pine Nut Oil Company has before it the clear goals of disseminating information related to the idea of Kin's Domains, folk medicine, and a healthy lifestyle. In relation to this, we sponsor the publication of the monthly newspaper The Earth, and carry out scientific research into issues related to a health way of life, and popular, natural remedies to improve human health.

How we form our prices.

The price for Siberian Pine Nut Oil is the fruit of our many years of work in optimizing the harvest of pine nuts, the production process, and the sale of genuine Siberian Pine Nut Oil to the consumer.

We have eliminated all middlemen.
Our employees harvest the pine nuts themselves.
We produce the pine nut oil ourselves.
We ourselves, directly, sell Siberian Pine Nut Oil through our websites throughout the entire world.
We produce a unique Siberian Pine Nut Oil of the highest quality, and avoiding all middlemen, deliver it to you.

Seven reasons to buy the genuine Siberian Pine Nut Oil:

1. Price
The Siberian Pine Nut Oil Company offers prices directly from the producer. You do not pay middlemen.

2. Quality
The Siberian Pine Nut Oil company offers products of only the highest quality.
We use ancient technologies, which were applied 100, 200, or 300 years ago.
Pine nut kernels are sorted by hand, which completely eliminates rotten or moldy nut kernels from ending up in the oil.
We offer only fresh, premium quality, 100% natural, extra virgin Siberian Pine Nut Oil, cold pressed in wooden presses.

3. Ecological safety
The Siberian Pine Nut Oil Company uses wild harvested pine nuts gathered only in ecologically pure regions of the taiga, far removed from populated areas.
We do not use genetically modified products, do not use nuts from Siberian pines grafted onto common pines, do not use colourants, flavourings, or other artificial ingredients.

4. Storage
The Siberian Pine Nut Oil Company stores pine nut oil only in freezers and refrigerators, which preserves all the wholesome properties of genuine Siberian Pine Nut Oil.

5. Safe shopping
The Siberian Pine Nut Oil Company uses a safe SSL certificate, which completely ensures that your personal and credit card information is safe and secure. Over the course of eight years, we have not had a single instance of the theft of personal or credit card information.

6. Insurance
The Siberian Pine Nut Oil Company buys insurance for its parcels from reliable delivery shipping companies, such as USPS, UPS, Canada Post, and DHL.

7. Delivery
The Siberian Pine Nut Oil Company has three warehouses in the USA, Canada, and Germany (Europe), and offers fast and affordable shipping worldwide with dependable shipping companies such as USPS, UPS, Canada Post, and DHL.