Pine Nut Oil - Siberian Pine, Pinus sibirica or ancient native name Siberian Cedar


People have been aware of the healing properties of Siberian Cedar Nut Oil for a long time. Siberian Cedar nuts were exported to England and other countries as early as the reign of Ivan the Terrible. The price of Siberian Cedar Nut Oil on the world market has always been high. Demand for Siberian Cedar Nut Oil was never satisfied. So what gives this product its healing properties?

Cedar Nut Oil proteins contain 19 amino acids, of which 70% are vital. Vitamins in the oil help the human body to grow (vitamin A). They stabilize the central nervous system, improve blood composition and favorably affect skin tissue (vitamins B and D). The oil is very rich in vitamin E (tocopherol - from the Greek for "bearing offspring"). Studies have shown that sables are unable to reproduce if their ration does not include Siberian Cedar nuts. The oil is very rich in vitamin P: it contains three times as much vitamin P as the product called "Vitamin P" made using fish oil. Vitamin P is made up of vital fatty acids, which help to reduce the level of cholesterol in your bloodstream and prevent the formation of plaques on the walls of blood vessels.

However, the main "surprise" in Siberian Cedar Nut Oil is that its chemical composition is similar to human citamins! Citamins are a new class of medication containing biologically active additives, which are a balanced set of biologically active substances with organotropic effects, extracted from animal tissue, which contain physiological concentrates of mineral substances, microelements and vitamins in an easily-digestible form.

Pine Nut Oil - Super Food
Pine Nut Oil with Hawthorn Berry

As a result of 25 years (1971-1996) of scientific and clinical studies carried out by the St. Petersburg institute of bio-regulation and gerontology, a method for integrated prevention of age-related pathologies, slowing down ageing and increasing life expectancy, which includes homeostasis correction by using peptide bio-regulators, was developed.

Despite not being peptide bio-regulators, citamins nonetheless have a massive health-improvement capacity. An important aspect of citamin therapy is the fact that the body's recovery takes place at the DNA and RNA level. It should be noted that according to World Health Organization (WHO) assessments, peptide medications are considered to be the medication of the 21st century, and some popular science publications have labeled citamins "anti-ageing tablets".

Thus, the similar chemical composition of Siberian Cedar Nut Oil and citamins leads us to the thought that the Siberian Cedar is an equivalent of animals, including humans, in the world of plants. Cedar Nut Oil itself could be considered to be a plant citamin. Given these facts it's easy to see why the Siberian Cedar has long been a symbol of health and longevity and why its healing properties are so strong.

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